Richard Sherman States His Case to be on an NFL Roster

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Richard Sherman gave Cam Newton's deal with the Patriots a good lookin' over, and took exception to one extremely screwed up part of it.

Free agent cornerback Richard Sherman is ready to roll with another NFL team. The only problem is, no one is currently calling. Sherman, who was charged with five misdemeanors including DUI and trespassing with a domestic violence element back in July, doesn’t feel like that incident should determine the rest of his career.

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Sherman spoke to USA Today to state his case:

“I’ve got a decade worth of résumé that should stand more firmly than a momentary lapse in judgment. I’ve got a decade of character and tape to be judged off of. If you’re judging me off of a momentary lapse, I’m probably not the player for you either way,” Sherman said.

Sherman said he does not expect his legal case to be resolved until after the season.

Expect him to be on the sidelines until then.

If you saw that video of Sherman, you know the last thing he needs is anymore contact to his head.

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