Ritalin, ADHD Being Linked to Simone Biles’ Struggles at Tokyo Olympics

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ritalin adhd simone biles

Ritalin and ADHD being linked to Simone Biles’s struggles. Everyone is trying to figure out why Simone Biles suffered such emotional distress during the Tokyo Olympics. This wasn’t her first rodeo, and she’s never showed signs of nerves or any other mental struggles prior to this year’s Olympics. American director Chris “Boar” Bell took to Twitter to throw out a few theories.

The thinking is Simone Biles couldn’t focus because she couldn’t be on her ADHD meds.

See below:

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Joe Rogan took that information and ran with it:

“So many people are shitting on her online, calling her a ‘coward.’ It’s disgusting. Like, you have no idea what’s going on in her head. Is she supposed to play when she’s suicidal? Is she supposed to play when she’s freaking out? Is she supposed to do gymnastics when she’s literally losing her mind?…

“I don’t know what it’s like to get off Ritalin, but I would imagine it’s not fun.”

You can listen below:

Maybe she was off her meds?

But is it really anyone’s business?? Also it begs the question what exactly is considered performing-enhancing drugs?

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