Russell Wilson Mourning Loss of ‘Best Friend’ Trevor Moawad

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Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson speaks on all the reports of him wanting out over the offseason

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson got very emotional Thursday while remembering his friend Trevor Moawad, who was a member of his inner circle who died this week from cancer at age 48. Moawad was Wilson’s longtime mental-conditioning coach, business partner and, as Russell put it, also his best friend.

Wilson spoke for over 8 minutes about his former best friend:

“When I think about my relationship with Trevor, I think about a man who was humble, I think about a man who always served, who always gave back, who was always dedicated to working and helping everyone,” Wilson said. “And everybody he helped, it seemed that they always got better.”

“From that moment, ever since, he’s been my best friend,” Wilson said of their initial meeting at IMG. “We spent so much time together through the highest, highest, highest of the highest moments to some of the lowest moments. To the moments of winning the Super Bowl, to the moment of not winning it, unfortunately. He’s always been there for me. He’s a guy who always gave me perspective and gave me knowledge and insight.”

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He and Wilson were among the co-founders of a business coaching consultancy called Limitless Minds.

Wilson said Moawad would regularly tell him, “The best is ahead.”

Condolences to Russ and Trevor’s family and friends..

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