Shaq Tosses Charles Barkley Under The Bus With Latest Comments

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During a recent podcast interview, Shaq was quick to hilariously throw some more shade at Charles Barkley when asked a question about co-hosts

Anyone who watches TNT’s “Inside The NBA” during basketball season knows that there is a hilarious dynamic between Shaq and Charles Barkley.

The two former NBA stars are kind of like brothers who don’t really get along too well but also love each other. And they’re good for at least one viral moment per show.

But now, Shaq is even giving us some quality Charles Barkley content during the offseason.

During a recent episode of The Big Podcast, Shaw was asked if he had to get rid of one of his co-hosts (podcast or TNT) which one would it be. Of course, Shaq was quick to throw Sir Charles under the bus.

“It’d be between Kenny and Chuck,” Shaquille O’Neal said. “I like Kenny, so Chuck’s gotta go. He talks too much, he overtalks during segments, he repeats himself. They’ll [producers] be in our ears saying we got a minute left. He’ll talk for 49 seconds and go ‘What’d you think, Shaq?’ All I got left are 11 seconds.”

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Im sure Charles Barkley will take note of Shaq’s latest comment about him.

We all can’t wait for the NBA season to roll around again so we can get the usual Shaq and Charles banter going on every Tuesday and Thursday night.

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