Sheriff Reveals If Tiger Woods Will Face Charges

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Will Tiger Woods be in trouble for his single car crash? Los Angeles Sheriff Alex Villanueva met with the media just a little big ago, and said that Woods won’t face a reckless driving charge.

“A reckless driving charge has a lot of elements into it. This is purely an accident,” Sheriff Villanueva explained. He continued and said that there was no evidence showing that Woods was under the influence of any substances when he rolled his Hyundai Genesis SUV.

“We do not contemplate any charges whatsoever in this crash,” Villanueva said to the media members. “This remains an accident. An accident is not a crime.” He also said that the authorities did not take a blood sample from Woods to test for substances due to there being no obvious signs of impairment.

A search warrant would be needed to access Woods’ phone records, the sheriff added, if investigators wanted to see if Woods might have been distracted by his phone.

Sideaction’s Latest:

Deputy Carlos Gonzalez was the first  to the scene of the crash, and said Woods was conscious and appeared to be calm after the wreck.

He was able to speak with Deputy Gonzalez and provide his name.

But he couldn’t stand on his legs due to the accident.

Tiger really needs to get a driver.

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