Sixers Reportedly Fined Ben Simmons for Not Traveling on Road Trip

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Dallas Cowboys receiver Noah Brown took issue with how Eagles offensive lineman Jason Kelce called out Ben Simmons to look cool for the fans

The Ben Simmons saga is showing no signs of slowing down.

The latest twist in the story since late October has Ben expressing to the team he is not yet mentally ready to play. There were some fines being dished towards him before he shared that info about his mental health. Then the fines were back on when the team apparently didn’t feel like he was sharing information with the team.

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The latest from Shams Charania of “The Athletic” via Twitter late on Monday.

“The Philadelphia 76er are fining Ben Simmons for failing to travel on their six game road trip sources tell me. Simmons believes that the team continues to try to force him back on to the floor despite his mental health concerns and are disregarding his mental health issues. But the team’s positioning has been that until there’s information otherwise from their mental health specialist or Simmons that he should be expected to ramp back up for a return to the court.”

Charania continued:

“As Simmons’ agent Rich Paul told me last week this is no longer about a trade but Simmons receiving the help off the court that he needs but for now the fines and the stalemate continue.”

The Sixers were in first place but have dropped four consecutive games. They’re now 8-6 tied for 6th place in the East with the Knicks.

Ben would definitely help them, it’s a very long season.

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