Stephen A. Smith and His Dramatic Pauses Got Roasted On ‘Last Week Tonight’

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According to a report, Stephen A. Smith is going after Magic Johnson hard to be Max Kellerman's replacement as his co-host on "First Take"

Stephen A. Smith and his dramatic pauses are trending.

Stephen A. Smith is a man who is hard to take very seriously. He’s built his entire reputation by blurting out things, mostly just to  illicit a reaction.  Stephen A. also earned the nickname Screaming A. Smith by trying to speak as loudly as humanly possible to make his point. He’s also a HUGE fan of the dramatic pause.

Last night on John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight”  the HBO show completely roasted Stephen A. for his use of dramatic pauses.

Watch below:

Not exactly sure how Stephen. A Smith became the face and voice of sports media??

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Crazy part is Stephen A. is not even trying to be funny, but you can hear the crowd yucking it up.

Stephen A. is a clown who gets paid to entertain, and I guess he’s sort of entertaining if you don’t take him too seriously.

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