Stephen A. Smith Trashed The Sh-t Out Of Kyrie Irving Following The Nets Loss To The Warriors

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On "First Take" on Wednesday, Stephen A. Smith once again went at Kyrie Irving for leaving his teammates high and dry this season

Stephen A. Smith has been heavily critical of Kyrie Irving and his refusal to take the vaccine so he can participate this season.

So while a lot of us had many takeaways from the Warriors’ blowout win over the Nets on Tuesday night, all Stephen A could think about was Irving and his prolonged absence.

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During “First Take” on Wednesday, Stephen A. Smith didn’t hold back when lashing out at Kyrie Irving.

“Kyrie Irving betrayed you! Flat out betrayed you. Left you hanging,” Stephen A. said when hypothetically talking to Kevin Durant. “And while you’re sitting up there… they were cheering for Steph Curry in Brooklyn (last night)… You got Kyrie Irving who is a showstopper – a superstar talent… and can’t be trusted. I actually hope Kyrie Irving gets cut…”

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Without Kyrie Irving manning point, Kevin Durant has been forced to take on an even bigger role than he envisioned when signing with the Nets.

To no one’s surprise, KD is doing just fine while trying to rock the Superman cape every single night. And he’s currently leading the NBA in scoring.

But if Tuesday night proved anything, it’s that KD can’t do this alone. So you can sit there and blame coaching, blame James Harden, blame the bench players. Or you can acknowledge the fact that Kyrie Irving left KD high and dry.

We know where Stephen A. Smith stands on the matter.

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