Stephen A. Smith Gets In Shouting Match With Jay Williams When Debating About Kyrie Irving

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ESPN's Stephen A. Smith has a long, heated debate with Jay Williams when speaking on the current situation regarding Kyrie Irving

It seems like we have a different video of Stephen A. Smith bashing Kyrie Irving everyday. And on Tuesday, the Kyrie debate went to another level.

Jay Williams joined Stephen A. to speak on the Kyrie situation. When Williams started to talk about how calling Kyrie “stupid” and “selfish” creates a narrative that could be detrimental for people who remain unvaccinated, Smith butted in.

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In the contentious minute of debate, Stephen A. Smith re-iterated that his argument isn’t pro or anti-vax. But simply that Kyrie Irving “signed on” to play for the Nets, and has now put himself in a position where he will be unavailable.

Stephen A ended his rant by telling Jay Williams that he sounded “full of it”.

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In a rare moment, it seems like Stephen A. Smith’s take on Kyrie Irving is how the majority of fans feel on the matter.

Vaccine decision aside, Kyrie has made himself a distraction throughout his entire career. And with his latest move, he’s done it, yet again. It feels extremely hard to give a guy the benefit of the doubt when he has the track record of Irving.

I get Jay Williams’ point of the dangers of creating a “narrative” around Kyrie Irving. But unfortunately, he’s had that narrative well before COVID was even a thing.

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