Video Emerges of Suns Owner Joking About Having Sex with Suns Cheerleaders Among Other Things

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Former Sun and popular social media personality, Rex Chapman, was trashed for his take on owner Robert Sarver after the allegations hit the web

A Robert Sarver video is going viral today.

Suns Owner Robert Sarver reportedly used racist and misogynistic language, and now a video has emerged of Sarver cracking jokes along similar lines.

In a posthumous roast of Suns minority owner Dick Heckmann, Sarver can be seen joking about, among other things, Heckmann’s sons having sex with Suns cheerleaders, the size of a receptionist’s chest, and his friend’s own sexual proclivities, according to Sports Illustrated.

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What did Robert Sarver say in video?

“References to Heckmann’s sons’ sexual exploits:

“We just bought the team in June of 2004. My biggest concerns were ticket sales, sponsorship revenue, trying to sign some players, getting a winning record — what I really know is my biggest concern was the Heckmann boys were f***ing their way through the cheerleading team.”

Stories about Heckmann’s own sex life, including one involving former Suns great Steve Nash:

“Dick was chasing everything that moved in Scottsdale. And speaking of — someone said he left his DNA. He did leave his DNA in Steve Nash’s socks somewhere in the locker room.”

At one point Sarver turned his gaze to someone in the crowd, apparently on their phone and not paying attention.

“This guy’s got a make-believe deal going on over here at f***ing three in the morning. You merging on a SPAC, or you lining up a hooker over there? What are you doing? It’s a goddamn memorial service. F***ing idiot, Jesus Christ. I’m gonna guess his receptionist has small t**s. But, he has no idea; he’s just drinking his wine.”

Perhaps most tellingly, Sarver says the following after some kind words about Heckmann’s children:

“Look at how good you guys all turned out,” Sarver said. “I never would have believed it, to be honest with you. I mean, you’re married. You got kids. You got a family. You got a business. You’re making money. It’s a f***ing miracle, really. Compared to where you guys started 17 years ago, it’s unbelievable. Yeah, I mean we’re lucky we still own the franchise. In today’s environment, we’d have lost it a long time ago.”

The NBA’s investigation into Sarver is still ongoing and it will probably be a while before anything happens to him.

Until then I guess we should expect more videos like this to surface…

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