Terry Bradshaw Calls Out ‘Weak’ Aaron Rodgers Amid Packers Rift: ‘Let Him Cry’

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Former Steelers quarterback and FOX analyst Terry Bradshaw has an old-school mindset when it comes to the NFL and demanding trades. So it shouldn’t be at all surprising that he has an issue with the recent reports about Aaron Rodgers’ rift with the Packers.

According to multiple reports, Rodgers is so fed up with the Packers organization that he has told them he will not be returning to the team. If they don’t trade him, he has threatened retirement. So far, the Pack have remained firm on their stance that they believe Aaron Rodgers will be their QB next season, and they will not be trading the reigning MVP.

When talking about the whole situation on Moose & Maggie” on WFAN, Terry Bradshaw says it just shows ‘how weak’ Aaron Rodgers truly is that he doesn’t want to play in Green Bay anymore.

“With him being that upset shows me just how weak he is,” Bradshaw said. “Who the hell cares who you draft? He is a three-time MVP in the league and he’s worried about this guy they drafted last year [in the first round].”

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Bradshaw would go on to say that he doesn’t think Rodgers is only upset over recent draft picks the Packers have made.

“I don’t know what was said behind the scenes,” he said. “I don’t know if he said, ‘Look I’ll play [in 2020] and then I want out of here,’ and they said, ‘Fine.’ Then he is the MVP of the league. None of us know unless he told some insiders and they are saying it. I don’t hear it. For him to be upset, my God, I don’t understand that.

“Here’s what I would do: I wouldn’t budge. Let him gripe. Let him cry. Retire. You are [37]. Go ahead and retire. See you later. I’m really strong about stuff like that. It just makes him look weak. How dare you draft somebody?”

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Nobody truly knows what Aaron Rodgers’ mindset is right now. Would he really contemplate walking away from football when he’s still playing at an elite level?

Perhaps we’ll all have to wait and see before we can answer that question. Terry Bradshaw included.

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