There’s Video of Dalvin Cook’s Ex Pulling His Hair, Threatening to Pull Her Gun on Him

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Week 8 NFL best bets, betting odds, picks and predictions for Sunday Night Football game Cowboys vs. Vikings | Oct. 31, 2021

There’s a video circulating showing Dalvin Cook’s Ex Gracelyn Trimble pulling his hair and threatening to pull her gun on him.

The news of a civil lawsuit broke this week.

The gist of it:  Vikings running back Dalvin Cook was involved in an altercation with his ex-girlfriend and military sergeant, Gracelyn Trimble.

At this point both are accusing each other of wrong doing, but no one is denying an incident took place. The Minnesota Vikings running back alleges he is the victim of domestic violence, Cook is also claiming she’s trying to extort him.

Gracelyn Trimble is reportedly suing the NFL star for a reported $13 million. Her claims are she’s the victim of assault by Cook.

Via Black Sports Online:

“According to Trimble, she was simply coming to Cook’s house to break up with him and get her stuff.

She claims Cook assaulted her, threw her into a coffee table, and hit her with a broomstick. Cook says she broke into his house, maced him, and held him at gunpoint.

Trimble states she did grab a gun, but it was for protection.

Whatever happened the next day, Cook took her to the airport, and they continued to hook up. Eventually, they broke up, and that is when she decided to sue him.

They tried to work out a settlement, but nothing came of it. Neither filed a police report.”

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Here’s the video in question below:

Most likely this is just the beginning, and you know the NFL is going to have to take a deep dive on exactly what went down. Last time we checked in, Dalvin Cook moved on with another girlfriend.

The NFL has had a lot of PR nightmares lately. Luckily for them people love the sport more than the players that play in it.

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