This Accuser is Most Damning for Deshaun Watson

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While more civil lawsuits continue to pile up, and more women continue to come out of the woodwork, the latest accuser might just be the most damning for Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson.  One that was filed late Tuesday afternoon in Harris County, Texas, could prove to be the most problematic for Watson. The latest suit contains a potential criminal act and possible physical evidence. It also mirrors several of the other allegations.

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“This is clearly the one with the most credibility to it and clearly the one that could present criminal problems for Watson,” said Craig Mordock, a New Orleans-based attorney who frequently handles sexual assault defense and has also represented victims of sexual assault in civil and criminal matters.

The woman is being referred to as Jane Doe 15, and according to her, she was pretty surprised that Watson would seek her out. She also let Watson know that she was a licensed personal trainer, not a massage therapist.

Doe 15 alleged in her lawsuit that when Watson “eventually flipped over onto his back, the towel fell off [and] … Watson was completely naked and exposed his penis to the Plaintiff. Watson also moved his penis onto Plaintiff’s hand. Watson had pre-ejaculate leaking out of his penis, which got onto Plaintiff’s hand. Plaintiff felt like she wanted to vomit.”

Watson’s action against Doe 15 could be a violation of  22.012 of the Texas penal code, which is indecent assault, which is punishable for up to one year in prison or a fine of $4,000.

“If what happened is as it’s described in the lawsuit, then it is absolutely indecent assault,” Mordock said.

One thing’s for certain, Watson is in for the fight of his life.  Forget about his football career, he could end up losing his freedom.

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