Social Media Reacts to Joe Buck as Jeopardy! Host

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Joe Buck Jeopardy

Joe Buck is about as much a household name to sports fans as announcers get. Now, he is reportedly set to expand his footprint into the game show sector.

The voice of the NFL and MLB World Series on Fox Sports will have the opportunity to guest host episodes of “Jeopardy!”. His episodes are expected to air at some point during the summer.

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As “Jeopardy!” continues to search for a full-time host replacement after the passing of Alex Trebek, there has been plenty of social media chatter around who is most deserving. Based on today’s social media reaction to Buck getting his shot, it’s hard to call him the people’s choice.

In fact, Twitter has been anything but enthusiastic.

Oof, sorry Joe. It seems safe to say that LeVar Burton remains the favorite in the clubhouse to land the full-time hosting role until further notice. On second thought, can we even consider him to be in the clubhouse? Despite the clamorings on social media, Burton is yet to get a shot as guest host.

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To be honest, Buck’s shot at a major Fox gig shouldn’t really come as a huge surprise. He’s not one lacking in opportunities, that’s for sure. Then again, where in the world of broadcasting would Joe be without his late father and legendary St. Louis Cardinals announcer, Jack? Joe ending each “Jeopardy!” episode he hosts with a classic, “We will see you tomorrow night” shouldn’t be too much to ask for, right?

All that being said, Buck has had his fair share of clutch announcing moments. Not sure the world has ever witnessed anyone call a meme better.

You know, after running that one back, screw it. Buck definitely won’t be remembered as the best sports broadcaster or “Jeopardy!” host of all time, but I’m down with giving him a shot.

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