Tiger Woods Allegedly Spotted with ‘Hot Blonde’ in Mexico

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Tiger Woods spotted with Hot Blonde in Mexico?

Last time we checked  Tiger Woods is a man with a girlfriend. Tiger Woods and Erica Herman began dating in 2017. The golf legend and Herman were first spotted together at the Presidents Cup back in 2017. Herman later was seen with Woods at the White House in May of 2019, when the golf legend was given the Presidential Medal of Freedom by former President Trump.

Woods last posted a picture of Herman and his children eating the “Champion’s Dinner” together at home.

The last time Herman was seen with Tiger was back in April.

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Herman was also credited with helping Tiger through his  recovery after his latest car crash back in February.

Did Tiger Woods Break up with Girlfriend Erica Herman?

Woods and Herman were living together, according to People, and his son Charlie and daughter Sam “like her.”

Now on to the juicy part. Maybe Tiger and Erica are done?

Tiger was allegedly spotted with some hot blonde woman while enjoying a vacation in Mexico at the Waldorf Astoria in Los Cabos.

Tip via Deuxmoi:

Of course there’s a chance Erica Herman dyed her hair blonde and was mistaken for the Hot Blonde, but that sounds like a stretch.

If Tiger was in fact the person spotted,  this can only mean one thing, Tiger is back on the prowl!

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife….

We’ll keep an eye on Tiger to see if anything more comes from this tip…

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