Tiger Woods Has An Awesome Reaction After Watching The Viral Video Of Him And His Son Charlie Sharing The Same Mannerisms On The Golf Course

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A new video showing identical mannerisms between Tiger and Charlie Woods will be the greatest thing you come across all day

This weekend might be the most highly anticipated golf event in a long time. And it isn’t even a PGA event. The reason is plain and simple: Tiger Woods is back.

The legend announced a couple of weeks ago that he was returning from his scary car crash to team up with his son, Charlie Woods, in this weekend’s PNC Championship.

Ever since they played their first tournament together, many were quick to notice that Charlie has an uncanny resemblance to Tiger Woods on the golf course.

Tiger Woods was showed one of the videos of him side-by-side with his son. And he admitted he was blown away.

β€œOh, that’s awesome,” Tiger said.

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Tiger Woods would also acknowledge that he’s noticed that him and Charlie do some similar things on the golf course.

”Just the nose thing we have,” he said. β€œWe both have allergies, so we both struggle on the golf course. We get like, wind blowing and we’re both sniffing. Just that little thing that we both have.”

Tiger also recognized that Charlie has the same “timing” on his club swirl after a successful shot.

It’ll be a lot of fun to see Tiger Woods teeing it up with Charlie this weekend.

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