Tiger Woods’ Former Mistress Speaks Out Following His Car Crash

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The entire world was on pins and needles following the news breaking about Tiger Woods car crash. When the reports surfaced the authorities needed the “Jaws of Life” to remove him from the wreck, everyone figured Tiger was in serious trouble. The entire internet was showing concern over Tiger’s safety, even Tiger’s ex girlfriend weighed in.

And apparently so did his Ex mistress.

Rachel Uchitel was just like all of us, praying for Tiger.

Via NY Post:

“Rachel Uchitel, the former Tiger Woods paramour who was at the center of the 2009 scandal that cost him his marriage, told The Post Tuesday she’s “shaken up” about the golf star’s crash and is concerned about what the injuries mean for his career.

“Obviously hearing the news has shaken me up as it’s probably shaken everybody up to see that. Hearing [agent Mark Steinberg] say that he’s in surgery for his legs is something that really worries me and when you hear a comment like that you know it’s true,” Uchitel said by phone Tuesday afternoon.

“He’s an athlete and his legs are essential to his sport and to him being who he is and he’s already had trouble with his body up until this point,” the 45-year-old, who’s currently studying for the LSATs, continued.

“He didn’t need any more injuries.””

Good to see Rachel hasn’t changed much, she’s still trying to get Clout off  Tiger’s name.

Some things really never do change.

Check out more of Tiger’s former Mistress below:

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