Tiger Woods Reportedly ‘Not Thrilled’ Over HBO Documentary Recounting His Sex Scandal

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The Tiger Woods two part documentary that aired on HBO gave viewers an inside look at Tiger’s competitive nature, but it also showed a less savory side of Tiger’s amazing journey. His sex scandal rocked the sports world, and now Tiger Woods is reportedly not very happy about the new documentary on his life that began airing on HBO last week. A source told PEOPLE that the thing that bothers him the most about the two-part documentary is the 2009 sex scandal which derailed his personal and professional life.

Dozens of women came forward, alleging that they had sexual relationships with the married golfer. His wife Nordegren filed for divorce following the scandal erupting.

Sideaction’s Latest:

Woods is reportedly not watching TIGER but knows all about it.

Via People:

“He’s not thrilled about this documentary,” the source says in this week’s issue of PEOPLE. “He’s not even watching it, but his circle is. They’ll tell him what is said.”

For Woods, 45, the documentary dredges up painful memories that he’d like to forget.

“Why would he ever want to revisit this time in his life?” the source asks. “He couldn’t go anywhere without paparazzi asking him about his sex life. You couldn’t turn on CNN news without hearing about a woman who Tiger had sex with. It was everywhere. So Tiger isn’t really welcoming to that coming back up again.”

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Unfortunately for Tiger that part of his life is just as interesting if not more than him winning Majors. Sex sells, and Tiger’s sex scandal is still selling all these years later. You can’t fault the documentary filmmakers for including it.

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