Tom Wilson Was At It Again With The Bulls**t On Monday Night

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Washington Capitals wing Tom Wilson has developed a reputation in the NHL as the dirtiest player in the league. In the past, Wilson has been known for repeated cheap shots, and has been given some slaps on the wrist in terms of fines and/or small suspensions being handed down by the league.

Unsurprisingly, those few instances have not stopped Wilson from being a complete scumbag whenever he steps onto the ice. Sure enough, he was at it again on Monday night.

During the second period of the game against the New York Rangers, a scrum happened in front of the Capitals’ net. As the play was whistled dead, Tom Wilson punched Pavel Buchnevich in the head while he laid on the ice, unable to defend himself. Wilson didn’t stop there, and went right after a defenseless Artemi Panarin.

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Tom Wilson was given a 10-minute misconduct penalty, and two roughing penalties after the scrum. In total, he had to sit in the box for 14 minutes. But it didn’t seem to bother Wilson, who proceeded to flex towards the Rangers bench right when he entered the penalty box.

Social media was blowing up after Tom Wilson’s reckless and dangerous behavior.

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The NHL simply has to do something, or Tom Wilson might seriously hurt somebody out there. The man has to be given a lengthy suspension, or worse. With all the head injuries and CTE affecting players in hockey nowadays, we simply cannot have a guy out there who is legitimately trying to hurt people while he plays.

In fact, Tom Wilson very well may have hurt Panarin, who didn’t return to the game after the cheap shot.

It’s long overdue for Tom Wilson to be put in his place.

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