Tony Corrente Attempts To Explain Taunting Call, Hip Check During MNF

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NFL ref Tony Corrente attempted to explain his "hip-check" of Bears linebacker Cassius Marsh following a controversial taunting penalty

NFL ref Tony Corrente made himself a storyline during the Monday Night Football game between the Bears and Steelers.

Late in the fourth quarter of a tight game, Bears linebacker Cassius Marsh sacked Ben Roethlisberger to force a would-be punting scenario. But after looking at the Steelers sidelines, Corrente called the LB for taunting.

The worst part of the whole situation was that it appeared that Tony Corrente stuck out his behind to “hip-check” Marsh before throwing the flag.

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After the game, Tony Corrente spoke to a pool reporter on the hip-check seen around the world.

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After looking at a replay, Cassius Marsh was adamant that Tony Corrente made contact with him on purpose as he was running by.

“On my way to the sideline, I got hip-checked by the ref. It’s pretty clear,” Marsh said after the game. “If I was to do that to a ref or even touch a ref, we get kicked out of the game and possibly suspended and fined. I just think that that was incredibly inappropriate.”

The NFL will likely never be able to prove if Tony Corrente purposely “hip-checked” Marsh on Monday. But it would be nice to see refs catch some discipline for missed calls throughout a game, in general.

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