UFC Reporter Megan Olivi Was Butthurt Over Being Left Out of Stephen A. Smith’s Congratulatory Tweet

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Everyone on social media is looking for a little shine, and sometimes when you get overlooked, feelings can get hurt. This happened with UFC reporter Megan Olivi, who was very sad when Stephen A. Smith left her out of a tweet congratulating ESPN’s MMA team.

See SAS’s tweet below:

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Megan responded to the tweet with a poke:

She later explained how she felt about being left out:

“That was actually tough for me,” Olivi said. “I don’t love social media in general, but then to play such a big role in terms of pre- and post-fight interviews, like, I’m the one on-site doing them. Then to do all the hits on the broadcast and be a part of this team and literally the only women on the pay-per-view team.  There’s not a female desk host, there’s no one on the pre- or post-show; It’s literally just me and I’ve worked to be here. I wasn’t handed this. It’s been a very long journey, as people who have seen me 10 years ago, I’m sure, can attest to. I’ve done everything the right way to get here, and to not get the acknowledgment as my male colleagues got, I genuinely was so hurt. It was nice to see the MMA community have my back on that.”

A few days later, Stephen A. made sure to add her to the mix:

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Closed mouths don’t get fed. If you don’t stick up for yourself, no one will.

Check out more of the UFC reporter below:

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