Old Video Of Urban Meyer Being Interrupted During Live Interview By A Guy With A Bong Going Viral For Obvious Reasons

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An old video of Urban meyer being interrupted during an interview by a half-naked man seemingly carrying a bong going viral after weekend video

Urban Meyer’s job is reportedly on the line due to a video circling the web of him partying it up with some younger woman during his trip to Ohio last week.

But we’ve been quickly reminded that this isn’t really a new thing that Meyer is causing a distraction for his team. Just this year, Meyer hired Chris Doyle as the Jaguars strength coach despite the fact that the man had a checkered past, including being accused of racist taunts during his time with the Iowa Hawkeyes.

To clown Urban Meyer, an old video of the decorated college coach talking about how to cure struggling teams is going viral.

In another viral moment from his past, Urban Meyer was doing a TV interview remotely when a half-naked man comes into the room with what appears to be a bong in hand.

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Fans everywhere noticed that the man in the back of Urban meyer sure appeared to be carrying a lighter and a bong.

So yeah, the video of Urban Meyer living it up with a bunch of young woman at a bar isn’t exactly the first time he’s been a ‘distraction’.

And at this point, I’d be pretty surprised if he lasts through the end of the season in Jacksonville.

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