Walker Buehler Has A Message For Anyone Who Thinks It’s Weird That He Opens Beer Bottles With His Teeth

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Walker Buehler has a party trick (of sorts) that came out in full force after Chris Taylor sent the Dodgers to the ALDS with a walk-off home run in the ninth inning on Wednesday night.

Instead of twisting off a Budweiser aluminum bottle like a normal human being, Buehler bites off the top of the bottle to open it.

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Almost immediately, Walker Buehler saw the backlash he was getting for opening the twist-off bottle with his mouth.

But he doesn’t care – he thinks it’s cool.

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Walker Buehler’s message to his haters was pretty accurate.

Most people have tried the ol “open the beer bottle with your teeth” trick. And anyone who says they’re above it is lying to themself.

After Max Scherzer was burned for the Wild Card Game, all eyes will turn to Walker Buehler for Game One against the Giants on Friday night, where he’ll undoubtedly take the ball.

He’ll hope to be opening beers with his teeth after that series, as well.

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