Warren Buffett Gave A-Rod Some Financial Advice By Using a Baseball Analogy

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Yankees third base coach Phil Nevin heard Alex Rodriguez's harsh criticism from the Wild Card Game broadcast and he has a rebuttal

When Warren Buffett gives you financial advice, you listen up.

Since February the former New York Yankees slugger filed to raise $500 million for a SPAC, launched a venture capital firm, and took an ownership stake in the Minnesota Timberwolves.

He’s having a pretty strong year to say the least.

Now A-Rod is talking to Yahoo Finance about meeting up with Warren Buffet, who was more than happy to dish out some advice.

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Buffett taught Rodriguez the basics of investing with a reference to Hall of Fame Red Sox Outfielder Ted Williams. Williams is known as the best hitter of all time.

“He talks investing, just like Ted Williams talked about discipline at the plate,” Rodriguez says.

“Stay away from the edges. When you get a fat pitch to hit, don’t go for a single or double — but hit a grand slam,” Rodriguez adds.

The two still get together every year to talk shop.

“He invited me down to Omaha, and that started a streak of about half a dozen years where I will go every year and visit with him,” Rodriguez says. “We will meet for two or three hours at his office, and then we’ll go and have dinner and have a steak.”

Not a bad friend to have.

Extremely wealthy people usually have extremely wealthy friends.

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