Woman Claims Milwaukee Bucks Rookie Got Her Pregnant

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There’s a Milwaukee Bucks rookie who allegedly has a bun in the oven with a woman named Mar Martinez.  Allegedly Mar got pregnant by a Milwaukee Bucks player, and the NBA has been trying to stop her from exposing whoever this player is by deleting all of her social media accounts. She’s currently 4 1/2 months pregnant.

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She’s been commenting on the original video she posted on TikTok, which supposedly drew the ire of the NBA.

“When I made the video I was not expecting it to blow up the way it did I was angry and hurt and came on to vent.! But thank you all for the love❤️”

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Watch more below:

If the NBA is truly getting involved, that’s not really their place.

Plus it’s hard to imagine that an unknown rookie is going to move the needle on bad PR for the league.

If anyone wants to take a look at the Bucks roster, go for it,  there’s only a few rookies that play for the team.

Hopefully she’ll work something out with her alleged future baby daddy.

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