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Awesemo’s DraftKings Tennis Projections




These Tennis DFS Projections are generated from 1,000 simulations and data points, using surface-based statistics for each player. They have a number of columns available to you to choose from, should you want to use them for betting tennis props as well, including stats like odds of a clean set, sets won, sets loss and total projected aces. Each one of these categories contributes to Awesemo’s industry leading tennis projections on DraftKings.

Projections Key

Name: Player Name
Opponent: Opponent Name
Gender: M/F
Tournament Name: Tournament Name
Surface: Clay, Hard Court, Grass
Salary: DraftKings Salary
FPoints: DraftKings Fantasy Points Projections
Match Won: Odds to Win Match
Straight Set: Odds of a Straight Set Victory
Set Won: Total number of Sets Projected to Win
Set Lost: Total Number of Sets Projected to Lose
Clean Set: Clean Sets Projected (Winning a Set Without Losing a Game)
Game Won: Projected Total Amount of Games Won
Game Lost: Projected Total Amount of Games Loss
Aces: Projected Total Aces
10+A: Odds of a 10 or More Aces Game
DF: Total Projected Amounts of Double Faults
No DF: Odds of No Double Faults
Break: Total Number of Projected Breaks

Awesemo’s Tennis DFS Projections for DraftKings

Last Update: 2 days ago

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