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The Stack Report: Winning NFL DFS Combos from Week 7 on DraftKings




nfl dfs picks week 10 fantasy football

Welcome to a review of the week 7 NFL slate on DraftKings. Let’s dive into the Slant and see what we see. The NFL $500K SLANT is a $9 GPP on DraftKings that pays $50,000 to first and has a 2x min cash. It is the GPP to look at if studying NFL DFS players, especially those that mass multi-enter (MME) on DraftKings.


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NFL DFS DraftKings $500K Slant Review | Week 7

This GPP had 65,359 entries and paid the top 13,710 positions. Of the 13,549 unique DFS players entered, 2,313 (17.1%) made a profit. First and second place were taken down by single bullets.

Congratulations to ismdown and wjm51979. Ismdown’s lineup won by 0.52 points and featured a QB/WR/OPP stack (Kyler Murray/DeAndre Hopkins/Tyler Lockett) from the night game. Using both running back values and the chalk defense, Ismdown took low-owned James Robinson in the Flex and David Njoku at tight end, who did enough at $3,000 to seal the deal. There were two different correlations in this lineup (QB/WR/OPP and RB/TE). Also interesting to note that two offensive players from the same team are in this lineup without their corresponding quarterback. That move was made possible by the Aaron Jones news making Jamaal Williams such great value. Of course, 47.6 from Adams and 56 from Lockett were must-haves.

NFL DFS picks

The winning lineup used all $50,000 of team salary and had a team ownership sum of 163.8%.

Salary and Team Ownership

Salaries used:

$50,000 37.3%

$49,900 24.3%

$49,800 13.4%

$49,700 7.2%

So, 82.2% of lineups entered had a salary of $49,700 or more. The only overall profitable salaries used were $50,000 and $49,700. A $49,300 took 15th place.

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As far as team ownership sum, the leaderboard is all over the place. In the top 50 spots, it ranges from 108% to 211%, but eyeballing it, sweet spot was in the 140%-170% range. Think about minimum and maximum team ownership for your lineups. It doesn’t have to be restrictive, but playing lineups with less than 100% or more than 200% don’t seem like a great idea usually.

The most popular lineup was played 126 times and min cashed. You can see it used all salary and team ownership of 225.9%. This lineup had no stack/correlation.

NFL DFS Stack Types

Before we look at MME users, let’s take a quick look at the top five stack types used.

QB/WR/OPP: 19.9%

QB/2WR/OPP: 15.3%

QB/WR: 10.6%

QB/WR/TE/OPP: 9.9%

None: 9.4%

QB/RB/WR/OPP: 6.3%

QB/2WR/2OPP: 3.5%

QB/WR/2OPP: 3.2%

QB/2WR: 2.5%

QB/WR/TE: 2.4%

Here are the 10 stack types that produced the most profit:


The 150-Maxers

One hundred eighty-eight 150-maxers played, making up 43.1% of the field. Twenty-eight of 188 (14.9%) made a profit, including taking third through sixth, eighth and ninth. Third and fourth place were taken by lineups that had no stack. Here is the third-place team:

NFL DFS Stacks DraftKings

Getting back to MME, 78 of 188 150-maxers cashed 25 lineups or fewer. Two 150-maxers cashed no lineups. One user locked in Josh Allen, and the other had 84% Allen and 86% Stefon Diggs.

Only 34 lineups were reserved and not played. Here is the absolute worst lineup played with viable players:

NFL DFS Stacks DraftKings

What do most all the low-scoring lineups have in common? Double-digit team ownership. This was a chalky week, but I believe team ownership south of 80% has an exceptionally low chance of winning a GPP these days. The field is too sharp, especially in this GPP.

Lastly, boom of the day goes to Jeff Wilson, who was in eight lineups (0.1%) and put up an 8.8x at $4,000 salary with 35 points. Bust of the day was a three-way tie between Diggs, Hunter Henry and Travis Kelce. They all barely reached 1x at about 15% ownership.

Stack lineups and pay attention to team salaries. Don’t be extremely chalky (>200%) or extremely contrarian (<75%).

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