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Redirected here from Fantasy Cruncher? it is likely because you need to upgrade to an FC add-on package. More details can be found here. Please check, under Account, that you have upgraded. If you’ve upgraded and still can’t access it, please email us.

All of our subscriptions automatically renew.  If you don’t want to renew, it’s easy to cancel anytime under Account > Subscriptions. 

If you’d like to upgrade from an individual sport package to All-Access, please send us an email and we will be more than happy to manually refund you the partial amount e.g. You sign up for NFL Premium Monthly on 9/1, then switch to All-Access Monthly (or Yearly) on 9/15, we will refund you half of your NFL payment. See more examples below the pricing table. is excited to announce our newest partnership with the most powerful optimizer in the industry—and the one Awesemo himself has used for years—Fantasy Cruncher! You will find our combo FC packages below, which can be pro-ratedly upgraded from the base package! This is the full version of Fantasy Cruncher, not a stripped down or restricted version.

Current customers interested in FC: If you are already subscribed to a month/yearly package, please note the following. Our subscription software will automatically handle the pro-rated upgrades from synonymous packages e.g. All-Access Monthly > All-Access + FC Monthly. If you’d like to upgrade from an individual sport package to All-Access (with or without FC), please see the note above above receiving a partial refund. Please see examples below the pricing table as well.

Yearly FC Combo prices have been calculated simply by multiplying the discounted FC monthly price by the season duration. There is a discount on the All-Access + FC Yearly package. Package FantasyCruncher Package Final Price
Combo Packages Monthly Yearly Monthly Yearly Months Monthly Yearly
All Access + FC 69.99/mo 699.99/yr 39.95/mo 439.95/yr 11 mo (yearly price incl. free month) 109.94 1138.99
MLB + FC 39.99/mo 239.99/yr 19.95/mo 139/yr 7 mo 59.94 378.99
NBA + FC 49.99/mo 299.99/yr 19.95/mo 139/yr 7 mo 69.94 438.99
NFL + FC 39.99/mo 159.99/yr 19.95/mo 99/yr 5 mo 59.94 258.99
NHL + FC 29.99/mo 149.99/yr 19.95/mo 119/yr 6 mo 49.94 268.99
PGA + FC 29.99/mo 199.99/yr 14.95/mo 134/yr 9 mo 44.94 333.99

For more on how best to use Fantasy Cruncher check out’s Game Plan series (and the Diversification Primer in particular) and our YouTube channel where we regularly demonstrate our favorite features and build lineups using Fantasy Cruncher every night.

CURRENT ALL-ACCESS MONTHLY/YEARLY CUSTOMERS WITH GRANDFATHERED RATES: If you are interested in Fantasy Cruncher, you will lose your grandfathered rate if you upgrade through the process below. Please purchase a monthly or a yearly add-on package for FC.

Common Questions
Interested in upgrading from the monthly to the yearly plan? Email us and we will refund your monthly payment if you’re under 15 days into your cycle!
Having issues accessing a page? Email us at with your username and the URL you are having issues with.
How do annual packages work? Our annual packages are exactly that, annual. If you sign up today for any annual package, you’ll have access until today of next year!
Why does my payment show “Pending”? If your account is still “Pending” after a few minutes, it is likely because you entered invalid payment info. Please check if you have been billed, and if not, try again with valid payment info.
Are there Weekly FC Combo packages? We are unfortunately not offering weekly FC combo packages. You will need to switch to a monthly or yearly subscription. If your weekly payment was charged within the last 4 days, email us and we will refund your last payment.
Did you raise your prices with the addition of Fantasy Cruncher? Our prices have not changed. Fantasy Cruncher is an optional add-on for those interested in a discounted rate.
Is the Fantasy Cruncher here the full version? This version of FC we provide is the full version, not stripped down or limited at all.

Please email us with any billing issues at

Examples of upgrades

Days Left
  in Cycle
Want Cost to
Price at
  next billing cycle
  will happen
All-Access Monthly 15 All-Access + FC Monthly 20 109.94 You've paid in full for the portion. You are halfway through your billing cycle and will owe half of the FC cost, so $20
All-Access Monthly 30 All-Access + FC Monthly 40 109.94 You just started your cycle and you've paid in full for the portion. You now only need to pay $40 for the FC portion.
All-Access Monthly 30 All-Access + FC Yearly 1068.99 1138.99 You just started your cycle and want to switch to yearly. Go ahead and add the Yearly plan, email us, and we will refund you your entire monthly payment since you just started the cycle
NFL Monthly (or any individual sport package) 15 All-Access + FC Monthly 89.94 109.94 You are upgrading by switching to All-Access but since it's a different plan, you will have a new recurring subscription set up. You used half of your NFL subscription so email us and we will refund you half of the NFL payment, so $20
NFL Monthly NBA + FC Monthly 69.94 (Full price) 69.94 There is no pro-ration here as adding another sport is not an upgrade. You can only "upgrade" to All-Access
All-Access Monthly 15 All-Access Yearly 654.99 699.99 (next year) You paid $69.99 for one month, then used half of it, so email us and we will refund you $35