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All subscriptions AUTOMATICALLY RENEW.  If you don’t want to renew, it’s easy to cancel anytime under Account > Subscriptions. The subscription terms are 7 days (weekly), 365 days (yearly) and monthly subscriptions last until the same day next month.


Adding Fantasy Cruncher to an already existing package

Our subscription software will automatically handle pro-rated upgrades from synonymous packages, e.g. All-Access Monthly > All-Access Monthly + FC Monthly.  However, if you’ve been with us for more than six months and have a grandfathered rate you wish to maintain, you need to purchase a monthly or yearly Fantasy Cruncher add-on package instead.

Upgrading to all-access from sport-specific packages

If you’d like to upgrade from a sport-specific package to All-Access, please send an email to and we will issue a partial refund for the unused amount of the sport specific subscription, so long as the time period of the new subscription is at least as long as the current subscription (e.g. we will not issue partial refunds of existing monthly sport-specific subscriptions if you sign up for a new weekly all-access subscription).

Why does my payment show “Pending”?

If your account shows as “Pending” after a few minutes, it is likely because you entered invalid payment info. Please check if you have been billed, and if not, try again with valid payment info.

Are there Weekly Fantasy Cruncher packages?

We do not offer weekly Fantasy Cruncher packages. You will need to switch to a monthly or yearly subscription to get Fantasy Cruncher.

Is the Fantasy Cruncher here the full version?

This version of Fantasy Cruncher we provide is the full version, not stripped down or limited in any way.

Please email us with any billing issues at