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Korean Baseball DFS Picks: Spotlight Hitters for DraftKings + FanDuel




KBO DFS: Nolan, Ben & Loughy discuss the major news of New York, Texas & California encouraging leagues to return to sports in their states.

Well that was a blast! If you stayed up with us for last night’s 1am lock and you’re anything like me that was the perfect fix of KBO DFS chaos that you had been missing during lockdown. And now, we grind…With a 5:30am Wednesday morning lock, this slate is still a while out, so we’re once again relying on some guesswork and some projected lineups that will hopefully sharpen up as we move along. Awesemo’s projections and top stacks tool are driving most of the analysis you’ll find here. If you were with us yesterday hopefully you had a strong day. We had some solid hits in the game by game stack recommendations, picked off a few HR including the main HR call, and Awesemo’s top stacks tool was pretty on-point. A couple misses by me with the Wyverns stack and going with Doosan as the favorite stack, which was reflected in gpp returns for yours truly. Let’s get into some Korean Baseball DFS picks for you DraftKings and FanDuel lineups.

If you somehow missed it, Awesemo’s projections, rankings, and ownership will be FREE until Friday, and Josh Engleman is breaking down your pitching options for the day.

One again I’m going to look game by game, calling out a hitter or two from each team, and giving some top stacking options as we go. Pricing and popularity will be considered, more so as trends begin to emerge over the coming weeks. The numbers included with Suggested Stack are the projected lineup positions I would target for stacking that team, but do not restrict yourself exclusively to those spots.

With lock still hours away, official lineups have not been released, so be sure to double-check status before you plug players into your lineup.

Hanwha Eagles @ SK Wyverns – 9 run total (4.03/5.19) – Suggested Stack: Wyverns 3-6

The Eagles come into tonight’s action as the underdogs tonight, going up against 2015 Philadelphia Phillies minor league pitcher of the year Ricardo Pinto. Pinto saw extremely limited MLB action and was subsequently traded then waived a few times, so take that lightly. If you caught today’s Morning Show (10am EST weekdays), Hanwha is a great example of what Alex was talking about with KBO lineups that are simply bereft of pop toward the bottom of the order. They managed to scratch out 3 runs yesterday, but there’s nothing to really love here. Jared Hoying ($15/$4.2k) is an expensive major leaguer in the middle of this lineup, and one of the few guy capable of hitting the ball over the fence for the Eagles, and can pair with Sung-Yeol Lee ($12/$2.2k) whose price is the same as when we mentioned him yesterday.

The Wyvens were a letdown for me yesterday, they ended up in a lot of my two-mans, and got utterly dominated by Warwick Saupold, who sounds more like a butler than a pitcher. Sluggers Jeong Choi and Jamie Romak remain pricey options in this lineup. Eui-Yoon Jeong ($10/$2.5k) out of the 6 spot should be included in your SK stacks, although as a team they look to be more owned than their chances of being the top stack. Maybe it’s the cool name.

Lotte Giants @ KT Wiz – 10 run total (4.65/5.58) – Suggested Stack: Wiz 3-6

The Giants made investors sweat a bit before putting up 6 late runs to pay off their stack. Most of the pop came from a familiar name, Dixon Machado, who is objectively not a good baseball player. Taking on former quad-A caliber starter William Cuevas, the Giants have a few other bats that are more appealing. Projected 3 hitter Jun-Woo Jeon ($14/$4k) is one of the better power options, is coming off a HR last night, gets on base at a .360ish clip, and will ocassionally swipe a bag for you (8/10 last year), and Chi Hong Ahn ($6/$3.1k) remains underpriced on both sites.

The KT Wiz have the night’s highest implied run total, edging out the Bears, with both about a half-run over the field. The Wiz disappointed last night, but their loaded middle of the order should get things turned around quickly here. 3 hitter Baek-Ho Kang($14/$5,600) should be a focal point of stacks, with his fantastic on-base tool (.416 OBP in 2019) providing RBI opportunities for Yoon and Rojas behind him. This stack isn’t cheap but should provide some bang for your buck, ranking around the middle in terms of popularity and top stack %.

NC Dinos @ Samsung Lions – 8.0 run total (4.58/3.60) – Suggested Stack: Dinos 3-4-5-7

Is it Dino like in “Dinosaur” or “dee-no” like the Flintstones’ pet? We need to know this. Either way they put up one of those games that had just a few guys in the lineup deliver, so you really needed to zero in on the 3 hitters that put up a HR. One of those HR came from yesterday’s recommendation Sung-Bum Na ($7/$3.3k) who remains dramatically underpriced. If you watched the ESPN game, he’s the guy they kept saying would be looking to post and go to MLB. The Dinos offer a powerful 3-4-5 in their lineup; Eui-Ji Yang ($12/$4.8k and Suk-Min Park $11/$4.6k) both posted ISOs in excess of .200 last year.

Sorry, Samsung, but unlike your televisions and other consumer goods (you’re welcome, we’ll post our address on Twitter for you to send free samples) The Lions are just bad. JaWook Koo ($12/$5.3k) is going to be your best bet to make something happen if you just have to play some Lions.

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Doosan Bears @ LG Twins – 9.5 run total (5.55/4.18) – Suggested Stack: Bears 2-5

Oh Doosan, how you let me down last night. I tried to go out on a limb and take Awesemo’s number 2 ranked stack, instead of playing it safe on day 1, and you made me pay. But I learned. Well, I learned that it’s Doosan anyway, I think I’d been calling you Doohan, sorry! We’re going right back to the well on liking these guys though, they rank out similarly to last night on the top stacks tool, and there are some quality bats in the middle of the order, but below the projected 5th hitter Jae-Il Oh ($15/$5.1k), things get dicey fast. A two-man 4-5 stack with Oh and cleanup hitter Jae-Hwan Kim ($12/$4.6k) could be one way to go here, add someone above them to stretch out to a 3-man.

The LG Twins are another bad team bearing the name of another electronics manufacturer, what gives? There’s really nothing much going on in this lineup, if I needed a gun-to-my-head one-off from this team it would simply be the highest projected Hyun-Soo Kim $14/$5.1k. I’m looking to avoid the temptation of playing an $8 cleanup hitter in Keun-Woo Jeong, there doesn’t appear to be much to like in the power or run production department.

Kiwoom Heroes @ Kia Tigers – 8.5 run total (5.01/3.69) – Suggested Stack: Heroes 2 man Park & Park

The Heroes gave us our biggest night and paid off anyone who invested in them against one of the better-looking pitchers of the day. Hanging an early 8 runs on Yang, the Heroes finished with a whopping 11, with multi-rbi games up and down the lineup, and two HR from hitters in our recommended stack. Last night’s spotlight Byung-Ho Park ($14/$4.8k) and his power aren’t going anywhere, and we like using his cohort, Dong-Won Park ($11/$3.3k), for a hopefully some combination of two Parks and three Dongs. Kiwoom is currently ranking out as Awesemo’s top stack on both sites, with their pricing providing some great value on the slate, but their ownership is up so you might be better off getting away from the public.

Yeong-Seok Jang ($5/$2.7k) is the kind of affordable “why not?” option that reminds you of the team’s namesake car. Sure, he’s not pretty, he’s not going to wow anyone, he might even break down and leave you stranded on the side of the highway with your hopes dashed. But, like those little wind-up economy cars, he’s just as likely to give you a nice tidy amount of efficiency for the money. If he’s hitting higher than the 7th he’s currently projected for, he could make a lot of things work, but the current 5 and 6 hitters for the Tigers don’t look like good options to run out with him if he’s hitting 7. Pairing him up with Tucker and Choi makes for a quality construction if he hits 5th like last night.

Favorite Stack: doing it again with Doosan

HR Call: Jae-Il Oh

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