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The Awesemo PGA DFS Content Schedule | When and Where to Find All Our Free & Premium Content

Staff Writer



A guide to all our articles, podcasts, YouTube shows & data available every week to help you build PGA DFS lineups on DraftKings + FanDuel.

Welcome to the Awesemo PGA DFS Content Schedule, which gives you the full rundown of all our free and premium articles, podcasts, YouTube shows, data and projections, as well as what days of the week they will be released.

Our content is provided by a team featuring three of the top-30 ranked PGA DFS players in the world

  • Alex “Awesemo” Baker
  • Jason Rouslin
  • Ben Rasa
  • Geoff Ulrich
  • Sal Vetri
  • Nolan Kelly
  • Timothy Frank

If you are just starting out in PGA DFS, we have a ton of free content weekly, along with our Awesemo+ membership that includes all of our golf coverage. Below you can find out a bit about each article and what day you can expect to see the content.

To find all of our PGA DFS content, please visit the Awesemo PGA home page.

Sign up HERE to gain access to all premium offerings listed down below. And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter.

Here’s a comprehensive list of all our articles, podcasts and YouTube shows released throughout the week. Below you’ll find all the Awesemo data, tools and projections release dates.

Our goal with the new PGA DFS Q-School is to take you through the entire week leading up to a contest by starting out slowly with easy-to-access information like course history and general course information, moving into more complex statistician models and information.

By the end of the week, you’ll have everything you need to know about the tournament at hand.


The First Cut (Free Article)

A comprehensive preview of the week to come, including a course breakdown, DFS slate breakdown, field breakdown and so much more. Written by Jason Rouslin.

PGA DFS Millionaire Maker First Look (Free Article)

Only on weeks when there are DFS sites offering top prizes of $1 million or more. Written by Jason Rouslin, this article gives you a quick look and first reactions of the salaries for the Millionaire Maker contest as well as analysis from previous Millionaire Maker winning lineups.

The Opening Tee (Podcast)

This 20-25-minute podcast will get you ready for the upcoming week while going over last week’s action in case you missed it. Release at around 8 p.m. EST Sunday evenings, it covers topics like: statistical review comparing new age stats (strokes gained) to traditional (greens in regulation), course breakdowns, field previews and DraftKings/FanDuel salary guesses


The PGA DFS First Look (YouTube and Podcast)

Every Monday at 1 p.m. EST, Sal Vetri, Geoff Ulrich and Ben Rasa dust off the cobwebs and get back on the air to talk about their first impressions of the field, salaries odds and more. Be sure to hit up our YouTube Channel.

Fit & Form (Free Article)

A new article from Jason Rouslin that takes a deep look at recent form and course history for all the players in the upcoming field.

The Fit & Form Podcast (Podcast)

This quick-hitter pod is based off the Fit & Form article. Listen as Jason Rouslin goes through all the top plays based off of recent form and course history. He explains why some course history might relate to course fit.


The PGA DFS Strategy Show with Ben Rasa and Timothy Frank (YouTube and Podcast)

Join Ben and Tim every Tuesday afternoon on the Awesemo YouTube channel as they talk about general strategy for your PGA DFS Lineups on DraftKings, FanDuel, Yahoo and SuperDraft. Typically the show kicks off at 2:30 p.m. EST.

The Betting article with Ben Rasa (Free Article)

A full betting preview from Ben Rasa focusing on matchups, top-10s, outrights, each ways and more. Bet along with Ben as he tries to up his bankroll through the PGA season.

The Strokes Gained Article (Free Article)

An article focusing on the valuable metric in PGA DFS: Strokes Gained. Jason takes a look at some of the top strokes gained metrics like SG: Total, SG: Ball Striking, SG: Approach, SG: Off the Tee and presents findings from his results, based off his model.

The Model Breakdown (YouTube and Podcast)

Jason Rouslin goes over his PGA DFS model for the coming tournament over on the Awesemo YouTube channel.


The Approach (Free Article)

Geoff Urlich and/or Nolan Kelly give out a few top PGA DFS Picks for the coming tournament based off of Awesemo’s PGA rankings.

The Three Ball (YouTube and Podcast)

Need some quick info to get your bankroll going on Wednesday mornings? Jason’s Three Ball is a short-form YouTube video on the Awesemo YouTube channel that focuses on top bets for the upcoming tournament.

Above the Cut Article (Premium Article)

An all-encompassing article from Ben Rasa that gives all of his top plays for the week, based off his research.

The PGA DFS Cheatsheets for DraftKings, FanDuel and Yahoo (Free Article)

Based off of Alex ‘Awesemo’ Baker’s projections and powered by Fantasy Cruncher, these cheatsheets offer 5-7 top picks from every site to get into your lineups. Basically a teaser of the full projections.

Against the Grain (Free Article and Podcast)

Jason’s article and podcast focusing on finding some of those plays PGA DFS Picks that might be going overlooked in your lineups. He finds some underowned pivots to use as well.

The Winning Element (Premium Article)

Come get Jason Rouslin’s entire player pool for the week and what percentage he plans to own each player. In it, he breaks down weather strategy, tee-time stacks, field changes and other useful information you’ll need for your PGA DFS lineups on Thursday Morning.

Live Before Lock Show (YouTube and Podcast)

The last show in the industry hosted by Ben Rasa and Jason Rouslin on Wednesday evenings at 8:30 p.m. EST. Covers everything from weather to ownership to their favorite plays of the week.

This show wraps up the entire week of DFS content so far, going over everything from:

  • Update on all previous info unearthed over past three days
  • Weather news
  • Tee-time stacking
  • General strategy

PGA Leverage Scores (Free Article)

A short article by Nolan Kelly highlighting some of the top leverage plays for the week ahead, based off of Awesemo’s Top-Six Leverage Scores data that uses ownership, price and top-six odds to find leverage spots in your DFS Lineups.

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays

The Showdown Spotlight (Free Article)

An article released after the conclusion of play each day, gives some PGA DFS Picks for showdown contests on DraftKings and FanDuel and updates to the daily action in case one missed it.

In-Tournament Model (Premium Article/Data)

Stats from the current tournament with projected ratings to use in your showdown DFS lineups on DraftKings and FanDuel.

Saturday Night Showdown (YouTube and Podcast)

Jason Rouslin goes over his favorite bets and showdown picks for your DFS lineups on Sunday.

PGA DFS: Projections, Data and Tools

PGA DFS Projections (Premium)

Posted on Mondays and updated throughout the week. Our fantasy point projections breaks down every element of a player’s projected performance and synthesizes thousands of data points into one easy-to-use fantasy point projection for each player that can be used as a reference for hand-building lineups or plugged into an optimizer to create hundreds of lineups within seconds. The projections page also provides underlying data including, strokes gained data, Vegas odds and much more. Currently we cover DraftKings, FanDuel, SuperDraft, Yahoo and FantasyDraft.

PGA Ownership Projections (Premium)

Posted on Tuesday mornings and updated throughout the week. As the competition becomes increasingly sophisticated, it’s not only important to know who the best plays are but also who the best players are that no one else talking about. Ownership projections provide you insight into where the “field” (other players) will land and how you can pivot away from overowned and target underowned players and give you the competitive advantage you need to take down large GPPs.

Awesemo’s PGA Rankings (Premium)

Posted on Mondays and updated throughout the week. The world’s best DFS player releases his letter grade rankings for each and every fantasy-relevant player on the day’s slates. Perfect for hand-building lineups or comparing to your own projections to test for accuracy, these grades are also featured in our Lineup Builder.

Awesemo’s PGA Ownership Rankings (Premium)

For express members, this gives a list of owned golfers in order of how highly they’re owned without releasing the actual number. Based off Awesemo’s ownership projections.

The Awesemo Leverage Scores (Premium)

Posted on Wednesday afternoons. A list of how likely each player is to finish in the top six of a PGA tournament, relative to both price and ownership. This tool gives you a way of finding contrarian players to put in your lineups in order to diversify in large GPPS on DraftKings and FanDuel.

PGA DFS Models from Jason Rouslin (Premium)

Pre-tournament and in-tournament models from golf writer Jason Rouslin highlight all of his compiled statistical data for the week or day ahead.

Premium Slack Chat and Slack Office Hours with Ben Rasa

Join Ben Tuesday night at 8:30 p.m. EST for more PGA DFS talk where you can get all of your pressing questions answered. You have to be a member of our internal Slack Chat to take part though. Every Awesemo+ member can join.