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The Awesemo team is simulating the 2020 NBA Playoffs in NBA 2K20. Win great prizes every day by predicting the simulation outcomes! The person who makes the best prediction will win $200, among other prizes. Enter by filling out the form at the bottom of this page!

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Bracket, Schedule, and Rosters:

Friday May 1, 2020 - 8:15 PM ET Lock

Blazers @ Bucks

The Prize: $100 (1st) + 4 Awesemo Plus Subscriptions

This matchup will be SIMULATED live on the air on the Awesemo Youtube channel. The NBA2K SIMULATION is set to HOF difficulty with 6 minute quarters.


Entry Time Cut-Off: The contest entry cut-off time is the tip-off for the night's game(s). Please refer to the schedule to find the exact time. Only entries received before this time will be considered valid.
Updating Your Original Entry: You may 'update' your initial entry by resubmitting the form using the same e-mail address you originally entered. Only your latest entry submitted before the entry cut-off will be considered.
Multiple Entries: You may not make multiple entries using multiple e-mail addresses. Any players found to submit entries from multiple e-mail addresses will be disqualified.
Tiebreaker: In the case of a tie, the Winner will be chosen based on which Player's Game Total Prediction is closest to the Game Total for the Game.
Terms & Conditions: You must be 18 years of age or older and a resident of the US, UK, or Canada in order to enter the contest*.

Who you got? Enter today's Daily Challenge by filling out the form below!

The Daily Challenges have come to an end. Thanks a lot for following and playing along!

Submit button not lighting up? Make sure you entered a name and email at the top of the form and that you’ve entered your game total prediction.

Thanks for entering today’s Daily Challenge! You can also enter a FREE lineup for today’s game at Fanduel!

Welcome to the Daily Challenges page for the Awesemo eNBA 2020 Playoffs! The Awesemo team will be simulating the 2020 NBA playoffs in NBA 2k20, and you’ll have a chance to participate and win a great prize every day by predicting the outcomes of the simulations.

On Tuesday 4/07/2020, the games will begin. Each day we will be simulating a matchup on NBA2K and you will have an opportunity to win daily prizes by entering the contest and answering questions about the game. Things like “who will cover the spread” , the “first three pointer made” and other props will determine the winner.

One simulation and contest will be run every day. Just fill out the form for the game of the day before the cut-off time. The user who answers the most questions correctly will win the day’s prize.

The simulations will be played by the computer in NBA 2K20. Quarters are six minutes long and the difficulty is on Hall of Fame with some custom sliders. The sliders will not be revealed, but you are free to watch the games and make your own inferences.