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CSGO DFS Picks and Values for DraftKings Lineups 1/27 (FREE)




CS:GO DFS picks DraftKings and FanDuel CS Summit 7

We’re back for another day of CS Summit 7, and there are three more games on tomorrow’s DraftKings slate. All six teams participating lost their opening game, and they will all be fighting to survive elimination. The CSGO DFS picks and analysis below are based on my careful study of the upcoming matches, as well as Awesemo’s premium tools and projections.

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CSGO DFS Picks: CS Summit 7 Matchups Review

Complexity (coL) vs Dignitas (DIG)

Projected Maps: Nuke, Inferno, Dust2

This should definitely be an interesting match between two teams that are in different positions, and there are plenty of CSGO DFS picks available. Complexity is trying maintain their spot as a top organization, while Dignitas have yet to have an opportunity to prove that they can compete with top teams. Complexity put up a disappointing performance against Fnatic, losing in two maps. On the other hand, Dignitas had a surprisingly good outing, taking OG the distance in a tight three map game. I think there is a real shot at an upset here, particularly because Complexity have struggled, only winning one map in their last 11.

Despite thinking there is an upset chance, I still think Complexity have the better players and odds are they will narrowly pull this one out.  BlameF and k0nfig are the two most expensive players on the slate, and it’s completely justified considering both players have the most upside. For Dignitas, hallzerk is currently the third most expensive player on the team, despite leading the team in all significant categories. Even in a loss, he should provide value, and has even more upside for tournaments with a win.

Favorite Plays:

BlameF (CPT): $14,100

RUSH: $6,400

Hallzerk: $5,800

FaZe (FaZe) vs MiBR (MiBR)

Projected Maps: Mirage, Inferno, Dust2

Similar to the previous match, these two teams are also in very different positions. Olofmeister is rumored to be retiring soon, and FaZe are looking to pick up Twistzz. FaZe haven’t played well recently, and this is probably the main reason for the roster change. On the other hand, MiBR just signed this roster, and they haven’t have any experience against the top teams. I think FaZe’s experience puts them over the edge in this one, but I’m not that confident. Broky looks like the clear top option to roster for FaZe, and honestly no one else really excites me. Kjaerbye could be a good source of value for his price tag, but his performances have been inconsistent. MiBR has been priced up as a CSGO DFS pick since their last match, and rostering any of their players could be a good tournament strategy, as ownership should be low for CS Summit 7.

Favorite Plays:

Broky: $8,400

Boltz: $7,600

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Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP) vs Cloud9 (C9)

Projected Maps: Nuke, Vertigo, Mirage

This should be a very interesting match, both teams have young talent and rising stars. NiP got dominated in their first match by a underrated team, while Cloud9 pushed Furia to three maps. Both teams have very balanced rosters, which makes choosing strong CSGO DFS picks more complicated. The kills are usually evenly spread around, and one player is less capable of standing out. This also reflects in the DraftKings pricing, where there is not a single player priced over $7,400 in this match.  These two teams played against each other two months ago, with Cloud9 getting the better of NiP in two maps. Since then, Cloud9 have added Xeppaa to their roster, and have had more time to practice as a team. I think Cloud9 will be the more popular team as slight favorites, and recency bias might turn people away from NiP, who have historically been a good team. If you play the ownership game, rostering Plopski or Nawwk could gain you leverage in large field tournaments, putting them among our top CSGO DFS picks.

Favorite Plays:

Plopski: $6,800

Xeppaa: $7,400

Es3tag: $7,200

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