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📽️ League of Legends Strategy: How to Win LoL DFS Contests on DraftKings & FanDuel

Nathan Joyce



Lol DFS League of Legends esports strategy advice on how to make winning lineups on DraftKings & fanDuel with expert breakdown from Shawn Zhan

Awesemo Esports expert Shawn Zhan is giving you an in-depth look at how to win LoL DFS contests on DraftKings and FanDuel. In this strategy advice video, Shawn will be giving out all the information you need to know for your League of Legends lineups, and the optimal roster construction for both cash games and tournaments.

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How to Win League of Legends DFS Contests on DraftKings & FanDuel

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Positions Breakdown

There are four streams of minions in the game, which dictates how players disperse across the map. Three travel through the top, middle and bottom parts of the map, and there’s another group that stand still in the jungle. Each champion has talents that better suit them to one of those four areas and that’s why the first three positions are called TOP, MID, and JNG. Teams usually start off with two champions on the bottom lane, which are called ADC and SUP

TOP – Top lane champion tends to be further away from the action. Because the top lane is easily flanked and there’s little backup from the team, the best top lane champions are more defensive. They tend to do well in killing minions but don’t get as many kills and assists.

JNG – This player kills minions in the middle of the map but the creeps in the jungle are more formidable so the best jungler champions can take more damage at the expense of firepower. They are close to the action and are the first to join in team fights. This position tends to perform below average in killing minions and is average in kills and assists.

MID – Mid-laners have less area to defend because they fight so close to the home base. The best mid-lane champions are more offensive, and the area is closer to any action that could occur. Mid-laners are above average in both minions and kills, so they make great captain/stars.

ADC/SUP – There are only four streams of minions so two players tag team the bottom of the map. Teams choose two champions that have complementary skill sets. ADC champions tend to be very heavily weighted to offensive ability while SUP champions are relatively ineffective on their own but have great synergy with the team. ADC characters kill most of the minions in the bottom lane while SUP champions must be effective without gold. Support tends to get few minions which puts them in the hole compared to other players on the team, but they excel at assists. ADC tends to get lots of minions and kills, so along with MID tend to make the best captain/stars.

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I'm a wannabe athlete whose athletic career ended after a long tenure riding the bench through JV baseball. The fantasy sports and sports betting degen side of me blossomed at age 12 when I found fantasy baseball and football, and led to a 12-year submergence into the poker scene -- I started playing "secret" cash games in my parents' basements by age 14. Luckily, I've finally found what I love to do -- write about "fake sports," which my girlfriend refers to it as, though it only took me until age 30. If you decide you like the words I write and follow me on Twitter (@nd_joyce), I apologize in advance for the copious amounts of dog photos you will see.

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