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LPL + LCK Slate Breakdown – League of Legends DFS | August 1



Jeremy Schritt breaks down the 7/18/20 LoL DFS slate, including his favorite League of Legends DraftKings plays and stacks for LCS DFS.

Five series kick off the weekend as LPL brings in a third series on the remaining two weekends. With more to break down, more decisions will need to be made, and I’ll be outlining some of my favorite LoL DFS picks on the slate.

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LCK Series

Series 1: SeolHaeOne Prince (SP) vs. GEN.G (GEN)

Series 2:  DRX (DRX) vs. Afreeca Freecs (AF)

LPL Series

Series 1: Rogue Warriors (RW) vs. LNG Esports (LNG)

Series 2: Edward Gaming (EDG) vs. Bilibili Gaming (BLG)

Series 3: Invictus Gaming (IG) vs. Oh My God (OMG)

LPL Starting Lineups

TOP-Holder TOP-Flandre
MID-Wuming MID-Maple
SUP-Ley SUP-Iwandy
TOP-Xiaoxiang TOP-Kingen
JNG-Jiejie JNG-Meteor
MID-Scout MID-FoFo
ADC-Hope ADC-Wings
SUP-Meiko SUP-XinMo
TOP-TheShy TOP-Curse
JNG-Ning JNG-H4cker
MID-Rookie MID-icon
ADC-Puff ADC-Smlz
SUP-Baolan SUP-Sora

Series Notes


It is that time of a split where two teams can both be eliminated from playoff contention. That’s the case here, and it’s always difficult to predict what it could mean for LoL DFS. On paper, RW should take this series, and it’ll likely come down to JNG difference. Haro thus makes an excellent LoL DFS play if RW does take the series.


Getting smoked by EDG last time out lends itself poorly for LNG prospects this series. Fortunately, there’s a chance that RW will go on autopilot the rest of this split, meaning LNG could take advantage of a team that just died 30 times to BLG while getting swept. Angel is the better player if both teams were equal, and if he outclasses Wuming here, he should provide solid LoL DFS value.


SP is on an 11-series loss streak and continue to look less like a team that belongs in the LCK. Their last truly winnable series is their last one against DYN, meaning we’re likely to see a 16-series loss streak heading into that. There is nothing positive to note about SP here except sometimes HyBrid actually plays well.


Being the most lopsided series of the night, GEN gets the honor of facing the team that somehow dies more times per game than RW. I’m hoping that with a bigger slate, I’ll be able to find ways to jam enough GEN, as they’re appropriately expensive on both DraftKings and FanDuel. The exception is Ruler who might be too cheap on DraftKings. Bdd is a marathon better than whoever SP will throw out, and he’s one of my favorite pieces from GEN.

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Now we’re into the interesting games, as the loser of this series has no shot at the playoffs. Both teams have similar talent levels while largely relying on a stud mid laner, and that matchup should be one of the more interesting ones of the night. Luckily for EDG, they have a stronger bot lane, which means Hope could be the tipping point for EDG.


BLG has been a constant lurker of the LPL, quietly remaining in the hunt but rarely threatening. LoL DFS-wise, they only have one incredible output in a series win against OMG, with their other wins being largely unimpressive for a five game slate. Jungle is where they have the advantage over EDG, which could make Meteor someone interesting to consider for LoL DFS purposes.


After getting blasted by DWG, DRX looks to get back on track with this series against AF. Every lane outside of the top lane is a clear advantage for DRX, and AF is more than capable of being leaky in losses. Chovy is exceptional, and if he’s positioned to take advantage of Fly through the draft, he can easily shine for DRX.


Currently holding onto the fifth and final seed for the playoffs, AF has a 1 1/2-series lead over SB. It’ll be very difficult for AF to stretch out their lead here, and they still get to face all of their competitors in their remaining series. AF needs Spirit to come in hot this series, and he needs to be the driving force early to position his carries to potentially thrive late.


IG has a large break between this series and their final series, so it’s very difficult for IG to know what they need to do to potentially avoid the side of the bracket with TES. I believe there should be little resistance from OMG, and IG often is a fruitful LoL DFS team to target. Puff is one of many targets from this squad that I’ll be looking at, as he should fare quite well in this spot.


It was actually a competitive series last time out from OMG against SN. Even though OMG is difficult to trust in this spot and has nothing to play for, they’re unlikely to fold and could even pester IG a bit here. Top lane is the spot that is most volatile this series, and Curse has been pretty solid this split, meaning he should be able to take advantage of TheShy if he ends up playing poorly.

Favorite Play

MID – BDD. The easiest person to want on this slate has to be BDD. Whether it will be easy to get as much I want at his price is another story.

MID – Rookie. Another mid laner whose team has reasons to beat up on a team worse than them closes this section out. He could very easily carry his great form from the TES series over, making him a very attractive LoL DFS option.

Favorite Contrarian Play

ADC – Light. Narratively this could be an ugly series between two teams with nothing to play for. If this is the case, I’m more than fine playing the team less likely to be owned without crippling how I want to build.

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I've been following and playing League of Legends for a decade now. Few things get my blood pumping more than a good ol' midnight LPL DFS sweat. I follow each of the four major regions of LoL in the LCK,LCS,LEC and LPL and each one has its own unique flair. Hopefully we can all learn a little bit about LoL DFS and best of luck in your contests! If you want additional fun stuff feel free to follow me @pickemgenius on twitter.

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