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🎮 LPL + LCK Slate Breakdown – LoL DFS Picks | February 3




LoL DFS Picks for LPL and LCK DraftKings lineups esports league of legends february 3 2021

One more week of LPL and LCK LoL DFS before a little break. I’m breaking down the start of the week right here, as well as providing some of the players I’m keeping an eye on as my favorite LoL DFS picks for DraftKings.


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LPL Series

eStar (ES) vs. ThunderTalk Gaming (TT)

JD Gaming (JDG) vs. Rogue Warriors (RW)


T1 (T1) vs. Nongshim RedForce (NS)

Gen.G (GEN) vs. DRX (DRX)

LPL Starting Lineups

TOP-zs TOP-Chelizi
JNG-H4cker JNG-Xiaopeng
MID-irma MID-Twila
ADC-rat ADC-SamD
SUP-ShiauC SUP-Teeen
TOP-Zoom TOP-Ziv
JNG-Kanavi JNG-Haro
MID-Yagao MID-Forge
ADC-LokeN ADC-Michi
SUP-LvMao SUP-QiuQiu

LoL DFS Picks: DraftKings LCK + LPL Slate Breakdown


Where in the world is T1? South Korea is the answer, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. T1 got worked by AF. Let that sink in. AF legitimately just outplayed T1 in their sweep of them. Usually this feels like a decent LoL DFS spot for T1 as NS is the less talented squad, so predicting a 2-0 sweep was acceptable. It still can occur, however it appears less likely after their last performance. When all is said and done, T1 probably still wins here, however ownership likely dictates how much I’ll want of them for LoL DFS purposes.


NS pretty comfortably took down KT 2-0 in their last series. That’s all good and well, but it still wasn’t terribly LoL DFS relevant as they only put up 27 kills and 61 assists. NS is probably the least exciting LoL DFS team in the LCK, outside of potentially the team spot, but players wise you’re probably fine ignoring them more often than not. Their playstyle just isn’t conducive to large scores, and they’re not ahead early game enough to trust to force action. If you want some, that’s fine, as this is a four game slate, and if Canna is starting, Rich is the player I’d look at.


A week ago I wouldn’t have considered anything but ES in this position.I still do as  ES is the more well rounded team who’ve only lost to teams in the top half of the LPL standings, while beating the two bottom dwelling teams they’ve faced. Even though their assists per kill isn’t terribly high, in the two series they won, they had 112 and 101 assists on 44 and 41 kills respectively, both of which are extremely good outputs. Hopefully people buy into the TT hype after they admittedly played solidly against V5, keeping ownership lower on irma who has been very solid throughout the split.


One of the more interesting things about this LoL DFS slate will be how the public reacts to TT blowing out V5 their last time out. I’m not sold, but xiaopeng is very solid, and it seems that TT has a roadmap to at least attempt to improve throughout the split. They are capable of pulling off another series win here, however it’s not something I would get crazy with. While ES has quality losses, TT has an even better strength of schedule, as their losses are to four of the top five LPL teams.  I’ve mentioned this before but SamD is someone that functions better as not the primary carry, and if you believe TT takes another series win tonight, he’s someone to keep an eye out for tonight.


GEN is a very good real life LoL team, however GEN currently hasn’t consistently shown the prowess to be a great LoL DFS team. This should be a 2-0 for the squad that averages the second most kills in the LCK with 13.4 per game, but that doesn’t tell the entire picture. The problem with GEN is that they’re inefficient when it comes to kill participation (KP), with only 1.9 assists per kill, and BDD the only player above 60% KP. None of this means I’ll be avoiding GEN, just that, and I know this has been mentioned a bunch so far, but if GEN is too popular, I’m not against being very underweight even in what should be a 2-0.


Of the six series DRX has played in, only one has been a sweep, and it was a loss to KT. DRX is a capable team, and the signs of growth present themselves from time to time, making them a potentially interesting team to watch in the LCK summer split. Right now though, they struggled to get past BRO, and as has been mentioned, they themselves haven’t produced a sweep yet, and that’s unlikely to change tonight. Taking a game of GEN isn’t the wildest thing, however DRX isn’t strong enough early game to consistently challenge any team making them unattractive LoL DFS options tonight. Pyosik has the best matchup here if you want a little bit of DRX though.


Finishing up the LPL side of the slate sees JDG taking on a sleepwalking RW squad. Not a ton really needs to be said about this series as anything other than a JDG 2-0 would be quite wild. This really is the time for JDG to finetune every part of their game, however it’s their early game that’s really been lacking thus far. Kanavi needs to find whichever player from RW is exploitable early and punish it fast, and often. If JDG is able to get first blood, which they’ve only done 30% of the time this split, it’s possible that the game might be over right there as RW could fold. Play who you want here, but JDG is yet another team with a lacking 1.9 assists per kill, however this is a RW team that dies almost 20 times per game.


RW no longer feels fun to play or necessarily watch. Their last series against RA was shocking as it felt as if nothing mattered to them anymore after falling behind early especially in game two. Naturally, this means they’ll stun the world soon as LPL teams tend to do, however I’m fine with letting a team that seems to fold under the slightest bit of pressure beat me tonight.

Favorite LoL DFS picks on the slate

ADC-LokeN. Top to bottom, JDG seems to be in about as good of a spot to pick up a 2-0 as one can be. Naturally ownership projections might be quite high on JDG players, however it feels difficult to not like them a bunch tonight.

ADC-rat. Even though both of these teams have only lost to good teams, I just like the overall talent on ES more. Hopefully this LPL series somehow gets overlooked, but I’m going to do what I can to be over the field on rat if it makes sense to be.

Favorite contrarian LoL DFS pick on the slate

MID-T1. There’s a caveat here and it’s that only if the starting mid laner is Faker. T1 has much more talent, and even though I don’t trust them, it’s tricky to see everyone fawning to play T1 after their AF performance

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I've been following and playing League of Legends for a decade now. Few things get my blood pumping more than a good ol' midnight LPL DFS sweat. I follow each of the four major regions of LoL in the LCK,LCS,LEC and LPL and each one has its own unique flair. Hopefully we can all learn a little bit about LoL DFS and best of luck in your contests! If you want additional fun stuff feel free to follow me @pickemgenius on twitter.

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