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League of Legends DFS: LoL DraftKings Picks & LPL + LCK Slate Breakdown | Wednesday 1/12/22




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LCK joins the LPL tonight, bringing LoL DFS fans four series to take a look at tonight. As each of the eight teams kicks off their 2022 League of Legends campaign, we will be going over some of the best LoL DFS picks today for DraftKings and FanDuel lineups.

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LoL DFS Picks: DraftKings LPL & LCK Slate Breakdown

LPL Series

Rare Atom (RA) vs. Top Esports (TES)

Ultra Prime (UP) vs. LNG Esports (LNG)

LCK Series

DRX (DRX) vs. Liiv Sandbox (LSB)

T1 (T1) vs. Kwangdong Freecs (KF)

Best DraftKings & FanDuel LoL DFS Picks Today


In terms of how the final standings will shake up, few, if any, teams have as wide of a range of outcomes as RA do entering this split. Talent-wise there is enough to like when it all clicks, but the veteran players on the roster all have historically low lows. Opening against TES does RA few favors, but it is likely that most LoL DFS think similarly making RA completely viable to sprinkle in lineups, with Cube being an enticing option if he is on tonight.


Winners of the more serious LPL off season tournament, TES incorporated their new roster pieces very successfully, while also becoming a deeper squad. Long term success likely depends on the play of JackeyLove, nonetheless their first series prospects are high in their first series. This roster produced nearly 18 kills per game in their victorious Demacia Cup campaign, and as such their LoL DFS prospects appear to be high throughout the split, with new jungler Tian being particularly appealing.


One of the least spoken about teams in the off season was DRX, as even though bringing back Deft is an overall positive, it is hardly the splash signing it would have been a few years ago. On paper DRX carries a lot of solid players though, and LSB hardly looks to have an overwhelming roster, making DRX a potentially sneaky expensive LoL DFS option tonight. Make no mistake, this iteration of DRX has potential, which makes someone like Pyosik really interesting if he can regain the form from earlier in his career. Also reminder that LCK first series lineups tend to be released about an hour before lock so if anything weird happens in the region it is possible to get an edge some nights throughout the split by noting those.


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After an off season with a little bit of excitement with the addition of Clozer, the success of this team will likely fall in the hands of how the bot side is able to perform, as Ice, Envyy, and Kael have zero LCK games between them. LSB has a bit of upside with this roster though, and they are certainly at the right price to take shots on them against a new DRX roster, but expect bumps in their road often throughout the split. Keeping an eye on who starts at ADC tonight could be a sneaky play, as many will be uninterested in taking a rookie against Deft tonight.


If UP are to be competitive in as deep of an LPL season as there has ever been, it is going to take a collective improvement from their players. There are zero rookies on this roster, yet the only stable, so to speak players come from the bot side of the map in Cryin, Elk and ShiauC. H4cker and zs will need marked improvement, and an opening series against LNG does not allow much optimism, but if H4cker can match Tarzan then it opens the door for UP.

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LNG were the most surprising team to appear at Worlds 2021, and all they did in the off season was add one of the most prolific mid laners in Doinb. They have also added LvMao which is questionable, but the success of LNG this year will stem from how well Doinb and Tarzan mesh. Demacia Cup was far from clean sailing, but there has been time to iron out those kinks, and while UP are not a terrible team, it is still a favorable opening series, with Doinb thrusted into a nice LoL DFS spot.


Now seemingly set on one set of players, T1 enters 2022 with their largely youthful 2021 players having World Championship experience. Nothing is ever easy in LoL, and LoL DFS, and this will be a tricky opener against a solid KF squad. Gumayusi takes on Teddy in a battle of the 2021 T1 ADC, and with T1 in a solid position to get the series win, Gumayusi makes for a solid LoL DFS option.



Rebuilding is never easy, but picking up T1 substitutes is hardly a bad idea, as the organization added Hoit, Teddy and Ellim from T1, and FATE from LSB. There is a nice amount of talent on KF, and on paper they are capable challengers to any team, but consistency might be lacking, and an opening series against a T1 squad with experience playing together likely proves too much to start. Ellim is in another battle with two 2021 T1 players in this series, and if he is capable of outdoing Oner, it will greatly help the chances of KF.

Favorite Pick Tonight

MID – Knight. There is a plethora of MID lane talent on the slate, and of those individuals, Knight is in a wonderful position to pick up a 2-0, while having higher caliber teammates to that of 2021.

Favorite Contrarian Pick Tonight

JNG – Pyosik. Rumors have it that DRX look quite strong in scrims, and if all LoL DFS players remember is the abysmal summer 2021 split, it means they are likely going to ignore an improved DRX team that could easily show LoL DFS relevance throughout the split.

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I've been following and playing League of Legends for a decade now. Few things get my blood pumping more than a good ol' midnight LPL DFS sweat. I follow each of the four major regions of LoL in the LCK,LCS,LEC and LPL and each one has its own unique flair. Hopefully we can all learn a little bit about LoL DFS and best of luck in your contests! If you want additional fun stuff feel free to follow me @pickemgenius on twitter.

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