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LOL DFS: 3/18/20 League of Legends Slate Breakdown




Jeremy Schritt breaks down the 3/28/20 LoL DFS slate, including his favorite plays and stacks for League of Legends fantasy esports.

Welcome to the wild world of League of Legends (LOL) DFS. During this major sports outage, DFS choices are limited. That’s where esports come in. There are many different LOL competitions across the world. Some leagues are currently running in online-only form, while currently postponed leagues are looking into transitioning into online only for the remainder of the spring season.

This article will be focused on the League of Legends Pro League, or LPL for short. The LPL is China’s League of Legends league. The play a best-of-three series where players can be substituted out after any completed game.

March 18, 2020 Matchups

Game1: Victory Five (V5) vs. LNG Esports (LNG)
Game2: Top Esports (TES) vs. Vici Gaming (VG)
Game3: JD Gaming (JDG) vs. Bilibili Gaming (BLG)

Here are the projected starting lineups for the games:

V5: LNG:
TOP: Alliez TOP: Flandre
JNG: As6 JNG: Xx
MID:Mole MID: Maple
ADC: y4 ADC:Light*
SUP: clx SUP: Duan

TOP: 369 TOP: Cube
JNG: Karsa JNG: Chieftain
MID: Knight MID: Zeka
ADC: Photic ADC: iBoy
SUP: yuyanjia SUP: Maestro

TOP: 705 TOP: ADD*
JNG: Kanavi JNG: Meteor
MID: Yagao MID: FoFo
ADC: LokeN ADC: Jinjiao
SUP: LvMao SUP: XinMo

*Didn’t start the last series.

Let’s break down the matchups.

Matchup No. 1: Victory Five (V5) vs. LNG Esports (LNG)

LNG’s projected ADC is Light today instead of Asura.

On paper, LNG should come into this matchup feeling pretty good coming off a victory against BLG in their last match. Good news for them is that they’re up against V5. V5 is currently the worst team in the league, going 0-4 in series and 0-8 in games played. If I had to pick a winner, I would pick LNG 2-0. LNG is fully capable of dropping a game, I just wouldn’t bet on it.

Quick Team Breakdown

If V5 were to win a game, it would likely be through a combination of their MID (Mole) and ADC (y4.) These players are the current bright spots on a bad team. Both players have a high kill participation (KP) in 70.7% (Mole) and 67.9% (y4.) This means that when V5 is getting kills in game, these two are either getting the kill or an assist 70.7% or 67.9% of the time. The downside is that V5 is currently averaging 7.6 kills per game which is the lowest in the LPL, while also averaging 20.9 deaths per game.

Team Targets

If I were playing any V5 tonight, I would stick mostly to Mole, y4 and As6. These three players are the most likely benefactors of V5 playing better and getting more kills. You can stack anybody with any other team from V5 tonight. They will not be a popular team to play with either four- or three-man stacks.

Quick Team Breakdown

LNG is an erratic team. They are historically known to beat the big dogs and lose to the minnows. This split, they are sitting at 2-2 series score and 5-6 game score. TOP laner Flandre (67.2% KP) tends to be given a lot of freedom to perform well from his own team, but also frequently receives a lot of enemy attention. His lane opponent in Alliez hasn’t been lighting the world on fire, so this is definitely a matchup Flandre should be able to take advantage of if LNG wants that. LNG averages 12.4 kills per match which comes in as the 10th-highest kill per game total in the LPL.

Team Targets

Realistically, everybody on LNG has a good matchup tonight. They are the second-highest-priced team on the slate which means you can find yourself stacking with any team of your choice, including the other big favorite in JDG. Sure, that stack requires a TOP lane captain, but you have a lot of safety with that lineup. LNG should be popular in both four-man stacks and three-man stacks simply because it’s very easy to get to whoever you want. Light might be a bit less-owned due to this being his first game starting this split and not everybody knowing he’s projected to start.

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Matchup No. 2: Top Esports (TES) vs. Vici Gaming (VG)

This is a battle of two struggling teams. Putting it mildly, both aren’t where they want to be in the standings right now. TES has a 2-2 series score and 4-5 game score, and is coming off a 0-2 sweep against LGD which gave LGD their first series win of the season. VG is currently 1-4 with a 4-9 match score. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this game going to game 3 with a slight lean on TES winning. This match could be a slog.

Quick Team Breakdown

TES is a very good team on paper. Everybody tends to be pretty involved when kills happen, with the lowest KP being 369 at 63.3%. The problem is they average 11.7 kills per game which is 13th in the league. Kills might be a relatively infrequent sighting in this series. If kills were to pick up, it should be from the MID lane position in Knight (80.6% KP). Knight has the best matchup against 17-year-old VG MID laner Zeka, and he’s got the upside we’re looking for, while being very easy to get to price wise.

Team Targets

TES has a lot of good players. I’ve mentioned Knight already. Any Knight you can get always feels good. 369 has a good matchup against Cube. It’s easy to envision TES playing around both Knight and 369 this series due to the potential mismatch with Photic/yuyanjia against iBoy/Maestro of VG.

TES is the third-highest priced team and you can basically four-stack and three-stack with whatever teams you want. There is a lot of freedom for a lot of good, but currently underperforming players.

Quick Team Breakdown

Another team that seemingly avoids kills are VG. They average 8.6 kills per game which puts them at 16th only beating 17th place V5. This matchup for TES is unlikely to cure their lack of getting kills, but anything can happen in esports. iBoy (66.7% KP) has a wonderful matchup along with Maestro against their lane opponents Photic/yuyanjia. iBoy has serious potential in popping off in any matchup, and a matchup against the new full time starting bot lane of TES could be what the doctor ordered.

Team Targets

iBoy is the clear selection when it comes to VG. He should be given ample opportunity to put the team on his back and score big. If VG wants to win handily it should be through iBoy. The rest of VG is hard to trust. All but Cube have been substituted out in recent series, and Cube’s matchup against 369 isn’t terribly great.

For stacks, VG is the fourth-most expensive team. You can four-stack and three-stack however you like. I like iBoy/Maestro in the ADC/SUP roles, and after that whatever VG I get will likely be sprinkles of everybody else. This series has the biggest potential to be kind of a dud for DFS purposes, but it’s always worth taking shots.

Matchup No. 3: JD Gaming (JDG) vs. Bilibili Gaming (BLG)

BLG’s projected starting TOP laner for today is ADD instead of Kingen.

JDG has started the split on fire. They are sitting in third place with a 4-1 match record and 9-3 game record. BLG has been inconsistent this year. They are sitting in 11th at 2-3 with a 6-8 game score. BLG games tend to be low kill, slow, bleed you out kind of affairs. They rank 15th in the league in kills per game with 10.3 and the 3rd longest game time average at 34 minutes 55 seconds. JDG prefers a little bit more action averaging 15.3 kills per game good for 5th. This matchup is likely to come down to which Jungler in Meteor or Kanavi can get the tempo that their team wants. BLG can definitely take a game, and they have the players to win the series and score well, but JDG is playing very well currently and would be my pick to win.

Quick Team Breakdown

As mentioned above, Kanavi will dictate a lot of the early game for JDG. If he can find early kills for his team, JDG should be able to step on the gas and take down BLG. TOP laner 705 will now likely be matching up against ADD from BLG, and this matchup should be beneficial for him. TOP laners are always hard to trust for DFS perspectives though.

Team Targets

JDG are the most expensive team on the slate except for 705 who is the third most expensive TOP laner. Stacking JDG and another favored team (LNG/TES) is very doable with either a four-stack or three-stack, but doing four-stacks with LNG or TES will lead to either JNG or TOP lane captains which inhibit potential scoring upside for safety in picking two likely winners. Whatever LokeN/Yagao/Kanavi you can get you should take it.

Quick Team Breakdown

BLG is a wild team. Most of the time they play long, boring games. Sometimes they win, sometimes they lose. In the first game of their last series against Oh My God (OMG), they did something crazy. They played a little bit faster in game one, and stomped OMG. We don’t want to talk about the next two games that they played much slower in, but maybe the spark is there. Jinjiao is solid and unspectacular most of the time, and his matchup against LokeN isn’t a great one, but if he can hold his own his team will thank him.

Team Targets

You can four-stack and three-stack whoever you want from BLG. Everybody except Meteor and XinMo are the cheapest positional players. If you’re getting a longer, lower kill game. Creep Score (CS) can be a seemingly easy thing to overlook. You get one point for 50 CS. If your team wins with 12 kills in 40 minutes, but your MID and ADC have 400+ CS, that’s not a bad score. It doesn’t take many more team kills to make that a great score. I really like the idea of rostering FoFo today. I think Meteor should look to enable him in the MID lane, and both of them can score well.

Final Thoughts

This slate is pretty exciting. The teams you expect to win should win, but there’s enough talent from teams like VG and BLG to really give their opponents a sweat. If this is your first time playing LOL DFS, enjoy the 2 a.m. sweat and good luck!

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I've been following and playing League of Legends for a decade now. Few things get my blood pumping more than a good ol' midnight LPL DFS sweat. I follow each of the four major regions of LoL in the LCK,LCS,LEC and LPL and each one has its own unique flair. Hopefully we can all learn a little bit about LoL DFS and best of luck in your contests! If you want additional fun stuff feel free to follow me @pickemgenius on twitter.