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League of Legends DFS: LoL DraftKings Picks & LPL + LCK Slate Breakdown | Thursday 7/22




DraftKings LoL DFS Picks League of Legends esports LPL LCK series for today Friday June 25 2021 expert projections ownership rankings predictions

Welcoming back the LCK for the next four days gives this Thursday night slate some extra flair to our LoL DFS advice today. As the splits near an end, playoff positioning becomes more important, and tonight there are seven teams looking to improve their spot, and one looking to claw their way back up. With the help of Awesemo’s expert projections, we have detailed some of the best LoL DFS picks for DraftKings on Thursday, July 22.

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LCK Series

Liiv Sandbox (LSB) vs. Gen.G (GEN)

Afreeca Freecs (AF) vs. T1 (T1)

LPL Series

Ultra Prime (UP) vs. Royal Never Give Up (RNG)

Bilibili Gaming (BLG) vs. Rare Atom (RA)

LPL Starting Lineups

TOP-zs TOP-Xiaohu
JNG-H4cker JNG-Wei
MID-xiaocaobao MID-Cryin
SUP-ShiauC SUP-Ming
TOP-Biubiu TOP-Cube
JNG-Weiwei JNG-Leyan
ADC-Aiming ADC-iBoy
SUP-ppgod SUP-Hang

LoL Esports DFS Picks: DraftKings LPL + LCK Breakdown


LSB is an up and down team, capable of taking games off of the best teams, while also dropping games to DRX, and tonight offers them another stiff test. Expecting a win here is likely ambitious, and it is difficult to envision them increasing their 20+ kill games to any higher than the four that already exist. Peppering in LSB is not idea in LoL DFS, but not necessarily a terrible idea, with Prince really finding his stride recently.


Exiting off a tighter than expected series against HLE, GEN gets a team a bit higher in the standings in LSB. GEN took the first meeting this split 2-1, and with the talent LSB has, another similar result is possible, although GEN really should take this 2-0. As leaders of the LCK in kills per game with 14.1, GEN typically offers a solid LoL DFS floor in victories, and with a team full of players with at least 60.7% kill participation (KP), looking at ownership may be the best decider on which players to take stands on.


Opening the LPL side of the slate gives LoL DFS what appears to be a relatively easy decision, as UP is not comparable to an in-form RNG squad. Finding any success for UP likely revolves around H4cker and xiaocaobao getting ahead, as those are the most likely paths for success from UP in this matchup.


At one point it seemed that RNG would never get going, but, the LPL Spring Split Champions are on a four series win streak, with a great chance at making it five. During this four-series win streak, RNG averages 16.5 kills per game, and with UP dying almost 16 times per game, xiaohu is a TOP laner capable of big LoL DFS scores.


Outside of GEN, this split features LCK teams that are fully capable of big swings, making it difficult to piece together which of them might be necessary for LoL DFS. AF is near the bottom of the LCK in kills per game, with 10.7 per game, but their early game often allows them to be competitive. Eight of their 13 wins feature over 15 kills, and if they find that form, while also getting a series win, Dread and his team leading KP become enticing.

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On paper if T1 manages to play like they have in their previous two series wins, they will be incredibly attractive LoL DFS options, as they have averaged 16 kills per game in wins during those two series. The question becomes if T1 is fully ready to beat teams they should be beating comfortably, and if the answer to that question is yes, Gumayusi has an easy enough lane opponent, which could allow him the comfort to be explosive in mid to late game team fights.


Coming off a crisp victory against JDG, BLG is in for another test tonight against BLG. Taking a similar approach tonight will be more difficult, as getting Zeka ahead against FoFo will be incredibly difficult. Fortunately BLG has their bot lane to potentially play around, and getting Aiming ahead is a solid option for not only BLG, but also LoL DFS in case of an upset.


After finding themselves near the top of the LPL table, RA currently finds themselves in the midst of a two-game skid, with their most recent loss coming against RW. RA is more than capable of taking down BLG, but, if the form carries over from the RW series, it very well could be another defeat. Leyan and FoFo still remain the backbone of this RA squad, and as the only two players sporting a KP of at least 70%, both are solid LoL DFS options.

Favorite Pick

TOP – Xiaohu. Back-to-back LPL player of the week, Xiaohu is in an incredibly desirable position against UP, and offers incredible upside as a top laner this LoL DFS slate.

Favorite Contrarian Pick

ADC – Leo. Not so secretly, AF did beat T1 in their first meeting this split, and since they are very likely to be one of the lowest owned teams on the slate, it’s unlikely to take much to get over the field tonight.

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I've been following and playing League of Legends for a decade now. Few things get my blood pumping more than a good ol' midnight LPL DFS sweat. I follow each of the four major regions of LoL in the LCK,LCS,LEC and LPL and each one has its own unique flair. Hopefully we can all learn a little bit about LoL DFS and best of luck in your contests! If you want additional fun stuff feel free to follow me @pickemgenius on twitter.

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