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Rocket League Championship Series DFS Picks + Strategy | DraftKings | April 18th, 2020




Blaine Jungwirth brings you his Rocket League DFS Picks Based off of Awesemo's rankings and projections for DraftKings and FanDuel. 5/1/20

The next big event in the RLCS pro-tour, the Rocket League Spring Series, kicks off this week with the South American region. DraftKings loaded up on the contests this weekend, giving us a 4 game slate with the main contest offering $25,000 to first. Unfortunately we don’t have any odds released for these matches which makes breaking down these slates a little harder. This could also lead to some inefficient ownership since DFS players can’t just load up on whoever the sportsbook put as the largest favorite. Let’s get into some Rocket League DFS Picks.

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Match breakdowns

Ellevens eSports vs. Pera:

The first game of the slate gives the best team of the region by far against a brand new team featuring a mix of players from two of the lower bracket teams in the previous season of the RLCS.  Caard, tander, and caioTG1 have played together for the last three seasons (all under different team names, this season they’ve been scooped by Gareth Bale-owned Ellevens eSports) and delivered 1st/2nd/1st place finishes in the regular season. They’ve lost two(!!!) best of fives in that time span. By Liquipedia’s Elo rating: we can see how highly rated they are compared to other teams. With a 2318 Elo, we would expect them to beat the next-highest rated team (2060 Elo) over 75% of the time! In the most recent season, they went 7-0 in the regular season with a 21-4 games won/loss record. Needless to say, they’re the most dominant team in the region. Add in the fact that their opponent is a new team made up of players that were among the lowest rated in their league last season and we’re definitely going to want to load up on EE.

Personally, I rank them caard = caioTG1 > tander. Tander plays more of the midfielder role for this team and hasn’t had the shot volume that caard and caioTG1 have put up the last few seasons. Definitely don’t be afraid to take shots with stacks including tander because he is cheap and his team should be the largest favorite.

Chromax vs. True Neutral

The next matchup on the slate should be one of the most interesting as we have another new team in Chromax facing off against the 4th place team from last season in True Neutral. Chromax played three games in qualifying for the Spring Series and swept them all and they also feature Droppz, who is one of the better players in the region. Droppz is certainly going to be the main target from this team in what I expect will be a tight series that goes at least 4 games. True Neutral allowed the most shots per game and the 2nd most goals per game last season, so while Brad and matix are both secondary targets for me both are viable in Chromax stacks. 

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True Neutral finished 3-4 and managed to finish in 5th in last season’s RLCS for the region. Reysbull and Shadd both finished among the highest rated players, but most of that was driven by saves as True Neutral were one of the worst offensive teams. I’m more on one-offs of those two from TN.

Avidity eSports vs. Locusts

Locusts are another new team with three players who all played at the RLCS SA level last season on different teams. Unfortunately for them, in their first Spring Series matchup they go up against the third best team of the region: Avidity eSports. Avidity finished at 5-2, however from a statistical basis they finished middle of the pack in most every team statistic last season.

I expect Avidity to be a decent favorite, so we’re probably going to want stacks here. None of their players stand out individually — they just seem to play really well together. Two man stacks of any of Haberkamper, FirefoxD, and renaN are all in play for me.

Despite likely being a sizable underdog, SppydeR does look like a good play from Locusts. He stepped in for Sapphire about halfway through last season and ended up being one of the most prolific players in the league; averaging the second most shots on goal and the sixth most goals per game. He didn’t have to play any of Novus Aevi (now Ellevens), Avidity, or The Three Sins last year which certainly helped his per game numbers. It will be interesting to see if he can raise his game to match the level of one of the better teams of the region.

eRa Eternity (Stiff Team on DK) vs. Team Renewed

The final game of the slate gives us yet another matchup of one of the elite teams facing off against a team of cast-offs from different league teams of seasons past. I talked about SppydeR being one of the most prolific shot takers in the league in 20 games, yet Math on TR managed to average more shots despite playing in 17 more games. He is joined by Valt, the third best goal scorer in the league, and PJ, who should be playing more of the midfield role for TR. eRa features Gian, Luk, and BRUNOVISQUII. The latter two played on two of the lowest scoring teams last season, so I’m expecting a lot of possession for TR and some good chances for clean sheets. TR rank as easily my second favorite stack on the slate and I’m expecting fireworks from Math and Valt.

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Top Targets: caard, tander, Droppz, Haberkamper, FirefoxD, Math, Valt

Top Stacks: Ellevens eSports, Team Renewed, Avidity eSports

Blaine Jungwirth contributes expert tennis and data analysis to Blaine's work in quantifying fantasy production in tennis is amongst the tops in the industry and his tennis projections are a must-have for any fan of the emerging field of tennis DFS. You can contact Blaine by emailing [email protected].

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