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Prepping for a fantasy football draft can be a time consuming, confusing process. Spending hours reading though magazines, on-line articles, and listening to podcasts can leave you sifting through a mishmash of conflicting and often useless information.

It’s difficult figuring out who to trust and which stats are noise and which aren’t. You’ve probably come across players who are considered a ‘Breakout’ pick in one article, only to see them labeled as a ‘bust’ in another.

The reason for this is simple: There are too many available statistics to choose from and many of the ones that are used by fantasy football analysts, contain little, if any, predictive value. In fact, even the statistics that do offer predictive value can be harmful when viewed in isolation. When citing individual statistics – as fantasy football analysts often do – they can make the case for anyone.

Fortunately, the solution to this problem is also simple: the creation of first-rate fantasy football projections. Good projections consider millions of data points. They then determine which data points are most predictive and aggregate them into a single overarching number for each player, finally culminating in a ranking system that takes relativity into account.

And when it comes to projecting fantasy football players, no one is better or more qualified than Alex “Awesemo” Baker, the #1 ranked daily-fantasy-sports player.

He has used his fantasy football projections to profit millions on sites like DraftKings and FanDuel. This year, for the first time, Alex is offering FREE season-long fantasy football projections through What’s the catch? There is none. We hope you come back over the course of the season and help us build the most engaged and vibrant community of sports fans around.

Alex also provides fantasy football rankings and groups players by tiers for each position (based on projections) and provides overall rankings based on value over replacement in the ALL PLAYERS tab, which can serve as a cheatsheet for your fantasy football drafts. Projections, ranks and tiers will all dynamically adjust to your scoring settings as you update them.