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NBA 2K Bracketology Breakdown Show + Expert Picks with Josh Engleman, Ben Rasa and Dave Loughran | March 23rd

Sam Smith



Josh Engleman, Dave Loughran and Ben Rasa break down the full Awesemo NBA 2K Bracket, making their picks for winners, sleepers and MVPs.

The time has come. The bracket is set, the play-in games have produced winners and we finally are ready to kick off the official Awesemo NBA 2K Tournament. Starting Monday and going through April 3, we are running a $15,000 Bracket Challenge with $10,000 to first. Just make your bracket picks and if you get the highest score, you could walk away with $10,000. You can still submit brackets HERE.

See down below for the Bracketology Breakdown Show!

Expert NBA 2K Sim Bracket Picks

EMac Adam Scherer Sam Smith Alex ‘Awesemo’ Baker Dave Loughran Sal Vetri Ben Rasa
Favorite Round 1 Upset Pick 15-16 Cavs 15-16 Cavs 11-12 Thunder 07-08 Celtics 04-05 Suns 00-01 Sixers 11-12 Thunder
Dark Horse to Win it All 93-94 Rockets 00-01 Lakers 12-13 Heat 88-89 Pistons 11-12 Thunder 15-16 Cavs 07-08 Celtics
Most Over-rated Team 04-05 Spurs 04-05 Spurs 04-05 Spurs 15-16 Cavs 95-96 Bulls 95-96 Bulls 04-05 Spurs
Team You Wish Had Made the Cut 95-96 Sonics 2019-20 Wizards 64-65 Celtics 2006 Pistons 13-14 Clippers 08-09 Nuggets 01-02 Kings
Contrarian Pick 00-01 Lakers 12-13 Heat 12-13 Heat 07-08 Celtics 12-13 Heat 12-13 Heat 12-13 Heat
Tournament MVP James Worthy Michael Jordan Steph Curry Magic Johnson Kevin Durant LeBron James LeBron James
Who Cuts Down the Net 86-87 Lakers 95-96 Bulls 15-16 Warriors 86-87 Lakers 12-13 Heat 12-13 Heat 12-13 Heat

NBA Picks Analysis

Round One Upset: 15-16 Cavs + 11-12 Thunder (2 Picks)

Dark Horse Winner: No consensus

Most Over-Rated: 04-05 San Antonio Spurs (4 Picks)

Tournament MVP: LeBron James (twice)

Contrarian Pick: 12-23 Miami Heat (5 picks… maybe not so contrarian)

Winner Consensus: 12-13 Miami Heat (3 picks)

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NBA2K Sim Bracket Breakdown

Today, your NBA 2K hosts Josh Englemen, Dave Loughran and Ben Rasa break down the full bracket, going matchup by matchup and picking winners, sleepers and overrated teams. You can watch their breakdown in the stream below or on Twitch at If you have not yet submitted your picks for the bracket challenge, use their expertise to make your final adjustments! The tournament kicks off in earnest tonight with the 1988-89 Pistons taking on the 2004-05 Spurs.

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