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NBA DFS Picks: FanDuel Simulation Games for 3/25/20

Adam Scherer



The NBA may have stopped but that doesn’t mean we don’t have e-sports contests! FanDuel has kept it going with contests every night. Here are Adam ‘ShipMyMoney’s’ TOP NBA DFS Picks for Wednesday, March 25.

Here’s what we’re doing: over the next few weeks, we’re giving away $20,000+ in prizes in FREE TO PLAY contests based on simulated NBA DFS games that will air on YouTube and Twitch streams involving your favorite Awesemo personalities. And it all starts today. There will be Daily Contests where you are asked to predict aspects of the day’s simulated game. Get the most correct answers and you’ll be eligible for great prizes. Prizes will vary from day-to-day. Enter now (and every day) by clicking on the following link:

Through April 3, we’ll also be running a $15,000 Bracket Challenge with $10,000 to first. You’ve made your bracket picks and if you get the highest score you could walk away with $10,000. Tonight we have a battle between the 2015-16 Cleveland Cavaliers and the 1994-95 New York Knicks. Click here to enter.

And don’t forget, FANDUEL is running a FREEROLL contest based off the Awesemo Sim for tonight’s game. To get in, just follow THIS LINK.

Additional details regarding both the $15,000 Bracket Challenge and the Daily Contests, including full Terms and Conditions, are available here: Thank you for supporting us and we’re thrilled to have this opportunity to give something back. We aren’t going anywhere and hope you feel the same.

FanDuel NBA DFS Sim Sports Rules

  • Players are randomly assigned stats from a game they played during the 2019-2020 season.
  • Only players who have scored fantasy points in at least 15 games will be included in the pool.
  • The opponent matchups in each slate are irrelevant for the simulations.
  • Only games where players scored more than zero points will be available to be assigned stats, No DNPs or Late Scratches.
  • Scoring Example: LeBron James draws a 23 – he will get assigned the stats and Fantasy Points from the 23rd game he played this season: 65.4. Each player will be assigned a different random game.
  • Again listed matchups do not matter.

NBA DFS Picks: Top Tier

Anthony Davis

Davis is $10,900 tonight. He has scored at least 60 FanDuel points in 23 percent of the games that he has played this season. While that isn’t enough to make him the best top-tier play on the slate, it puts him ahead of LeBron James’ 16.4 percent and he stands out because of the fact that he isn’t a point guard or a center, the two deepest positions on most slates.

Luka Doncic

Doncic is my favorite top-tier option. He has played 56 games this season and has scored at least 60 FanDuel points in 17 of them, giving us a 30.4 percent chance of exceeding 60 points tonight. His average score over those 17 games is 66.4 points.

Trae Young

Young is a bit less expensive than Davis and Doncic as he checks in at an even $10,000. Young has scored at least 60 fantasy points in 19.4 percent of his games this season and he has scored at least 55 points in 32.3 percent.

NBA DFS Picks: Middle Tier

Kristaps Porzingis

Porzingis is one of the best plays whenever he is on the slate. He benefits from playing fewer games than most players in his salary range, which gives us a higher probability of getting a ceiling game. He also benefits from the fact that Doncic missed a bunch of games this season so Porzingis’ ceiling games are higher than most players priced around him. Porzingis has exceeded 50 FanDuel points in 29.4 percent of his games this season with an average of 57.5 points in those games.

LaMarcus Aldridge

Aldridge is a bit less expensive than Porzingis at $7,300. Between the two, I prefer Porzingis. That said, Aldridge isn’t a bad option either as he has exceeded 45 FanDuel points 26.4 percent of the time this season and he has scored more than 50 points in 13.2 percent of his games.

Devonte’ Graham

Graham got off to a hot start this season and then regressed as the season went on. The result is that he has plenty of high scoring games but his salary (which is determined by his average points per game) is depressed as a result of the frequent poor performances that he had as the season went on. At $6,700, we need about 40 points from Graham for him to “6x” his salary. He has exceeded 40 FanDuel points in 28.1 percent of his games this season.

NBA DFS Picks: Value Tier

Marquese Chriss

Chriss is a productive player on a per-minute basis, which means that he has a lot of games that blow his $4,600 salary out of the water. He has a low floor since we have a lot of games where he didn’t do much because Golden State was healthy so his minutes were limited. He has exceeded 30 FanDuel points in 30.5 percent of his games this season and his average score in those games is 36.9 points.

Tim Hardaway Jr.

Hardaway is a valuable piece tonight because small forward is the worst position on the slate and he is only $4,500. Hardaway has exceeded 30 FanDuel points in 30.2 percent of his games this season with an average of 36.4 points in those games.

Coby White

White is always one of the best values when it comes to upside. He has his share of poor performances this season, but those are obviously factored into his salary. His recent performances prior to the suspension of the season give him a high ceiling, however. He is only $4,200 but has a 29.2 percent chance of scoring more than 30 FanDuel points. He has averaged 35.1 points per game in the games that he has scored more than 30 points.

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Adam "ShipMyMoney" Scherer has been playing and analyzing DFS full-time since quitting law school in 2016. He has qualified for the 2016 FanDuel MLB Playboy Championship, the 2016 DraftKings Fantasy Baseball World Championship (3x) and the 2019 DraftKings Fantasy Basketball World Championship. You can find him on Twitter at @ShipMyMoneyDFS or by emailing

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