Ike Taylor Thinks It’s Time For ‘Big Ben’ Roethlisberger To Retire

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Has father time gotten the best of Big Ben Roethlisberger? With a question mark at QB, former steelers DB Ike Taylor thinks it’s time for ‘Big Ben’ to sign the retirement papers. Taylor offered some advice to Roethlisberger: Either hang ’em up or get to training. Ike Taylor made it clear that it is a tough decision to walk away from football for most players, but at 38-years-old it might be time for ‘Big Ben’ to say goodbye.

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‘Big Ben’ has been playing for the Steelers since 2004, however, Ike Taylor thinks his better years have expired.

I think 7 (Roethlisberger) should shut it down. And the reason why I think 7 should shut it down, he’s done everything he could possibly can. Whatever you’re asking for a quarterback to do, as many opportunities to win Super Bowls, I think 7 did everything he could do. If 7 wants to come back, 7’s gotta get on this Tom Brady regiment. He’s gotta really hone in in the offseason and get some of his mobility back. ‘Cause right now in the NFL you can’t just be a pocket — unless you got an offensive line, like a Tom Brady — you really can’t be a pocket quarterback, they’re becoming extinct right now. You gotta have some kind of mobility.”

I don’t think Roethlisberger will decide to hang up the cleats just yet. Having said that, Ike Taylor does have a point. The AFC North is getting tougher as a division and it is only getting younger at the quarterback position. Deciding to lace up the cleats for another season could ultimately be a setback for the Steelers. According to Ike Taylor, as much as three years.

Steelers GM Kevin Colbert has been non-committal on Roethlisberger’s future in recent weeks, but the organization has been open to bringing Roethlisberger back in 2021. At the right price, that is. The options are on the table for the Steelers organization, but ‘Big Ben’ Roethlisberger will ultimately have a decision to make.

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