Vanessa Bryant Agrees With Kyrie Irving That Kobe Should Replace Jerry West As The NBA Logo

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Vanessa Bryant is on the same page with Kyrie Irving after his latest Kobe take.

The Brooklyn Nets point guard took to Instagram to demand that Kobe Bryant replaces Jerry West as the NBA logo.

“To: All the people who say it is not about color… “BLACK” or “BLACK KINGS” that’s what we call ourselves,” Irving wrote. “And that’s what oppressors refused to call MY ancestors. BLACK KINGS. Deal with it!”

Kobe’s widow, Vanessa Bryant,  agrees with Kyrie.

“Love this @KyrieIrving,” Vanessa Bryant responded.

Sideaction’s Latest:

Jerry West would likely not push back if the NBA decided to move on from him as the logo.

“If they would want to change it, I wish they would,” West said back in 2017 via The Spun.

Personally, I think it’s time for a change from the outdated Jerry West logo. And who better than the late Kobe Bryant to be the next guy? I’m with Vanessa Bryant and Kyrie Irving here.

Your move, Adam Silver.

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